Beliefs & Priorities


  • CSISD should broaden and expand its existing efforts to engage all students and their families, including being more assertive in communicating and connecting to the economically disadvantaged and underrepresented student populations.
  • To help our students in today’s global economy, CSISD needs to create new opportunities for students to learn about other cultures and more languages at all levels, Head Start-12.
  • CSISD should systematically encourage all students, specifically targeting economically disadvantaged and underrepresented student populations, to take advantage of challenging academic offerings to prepare them for post secondary education and the workforce.
  • CSISD should seek and develop faculty and staff that are capable of meeting the wide array of instructional needs of an increasingly diverse student population.

  • In partnership with other agencies, CSISD should provide accessibility to emerging and challenging technologies for every student.
  • Technology should be used to increase all students’ knowledge base and enhance their interest in learning.
  • Technology should be an integral tool in teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Students should be fluent in a variety of relevant technologies and be able to easily adapt to new technologies.

  • While recognizing the importance of achieving high educational ratings, CSISD’s primary focus should be on challenging, relevant and engaged student learning that prepares graduates to be ready for post secondary educational experiences and productive members in the work force. The district and all schools should earn at least an Acceptable rating.
  • CSISD should employ multiple measures of accountability, ensure measured progress over time and provide public access to the results.

  • CSISD should establish a wider array of workforce readiness programs to meet the expanding needs of its students and the needs of the workforce.
  • CSISD should prepare all students for post-secondary education.
  • CSISD should be competitive with peer school districts with regard to the number of college credit hours students may earn while in high school.


  • Priority 1: Actively communicate to the community, staff and students the District’s strengths and challenges in an environment that promotes trust
  • Priority 2: Promote a learning environment that is safe and results in academic, social and emotional success while encouraging a healthy lifestyle for each student
  • Priority 3: Maximize resources in order to create highly successful students
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