12-12-2011 Monday Message

CSISD Staff:

Congrats to those who participated in the BCS Atkinson Toyota Half/Full Marathon yesterday. There were approximately 1,500 participants in the race, and I was proud to see so many CSISD representatives!

You may remember that Celina Malave and Emily Hall, during the We’re Ready to be Astounding Rally in August, challenged me to run the half marathon. Well, along with Celina, Emily and many others from CSISD, I did run the half-marathon, and I am happy to report that we all survived! Of special note, AMCHS student Gus Roman won the half marathon in a time of 1:19:30, and Forest Ridge Elementary Teacher Carmen Van Hootegem placed third in her age division for the half marathon. And, one of our keynote speakers from the Rally, Scott Ireland, placed 4th in his age division in the full marathon. That’s right…the guy who had a routine diet of Wendy’s burgers and cigarettes placed 4th in his age division and 22nd among all males that competed.

No doubt, preparing for the race was difficult for most of us that participated. Training 4-5 days a week, eating healthy, staying motivated and believing that you can actually complete the race takes some will power and discipline. On a number of my training runs this fall, I had serious reservations as to my ability and will to actually complete the race. However, after each training session I felt like I had accomplished something and that feeling of accomplishment was just enough motivation to get me to the next training session. Who knows, if I ever start feeling my legs again, maybe I’ll run in another race at some point in the future.

At the We’re Ready to be Astounding Rally, we heard some amazing stories from Laura Harding, Betty Helfeldt, Scott Ireland and Chris Ceasar. As I have thought once again about how each of these people overcame great odds, I am reminded that each one of them has to continue working hard in order to have continued success. Chris Ceasar cannot simply sit back and relax now that he has made it to college, and Betty Helfeldt’s students will not learn to read only because she has a master’s degree. For both Chris and Betty, like each of us, their continued success is dependent on their willingness to keep learning, to keep trying hard and to keep-on keeping-on even when the road ahead looks tough.

Whether you’ve had a great semester or a semester to forget, I challenge you to meet the demands of your work head-on. Let’s not rest on what we’ve accomplished or be frustrated with what we haven’t accomplished. Instead, let’s keep pushing forward to meet the needs of the students in CSISD.


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