Monday Message: April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

CSISD Staff:

Easter Sunday was great for Sally and me.  We enjoyed a great church service, had a fantastic lunch with about 20 other people, and watched The Masters.   I love the fact that Bubba Watson won The Masters.  Does it get any better than a guy named Bubba winning the biggest golf tournament in the world on the most pristine golf course in the world?  And, he used a pink driver to do it.

It’s also interesting to note that Bubba has never had a golf lesson.  He plays golf naturally, and he doesn’t worry too much about having the perfect golf swing.  His claim to fame, besides being a Masters champion, is that he is a shot-maker.  He takes what he has, and he makes the most of it.

Something will be askew in almost everything we try to do.  A student or two will not have the right attitude.  A student’s home-life will be counter-productive to their school life. Students will struggle to understand a concept they must understand.  The technology will be running slow.  The printer will be too far down the hallway.  The class sizes will not be balanced.  A parent will not call you back.  The bus route will have an unpredicted detour.  The delivery truck will be late.  The number of emails received will be more than you expected.  And, the list could go on and on.  Our best planning cannot predict all that may thwart our efforts and plans.  Even so, we have to be ‘shot-makers.’  We have to be creative, ingenious, collaborative and problem-solvers if we are to be good educators.  Some shots are from the fairway and are relatively easy, and some shots have to be made from the deepest part of the woods.  Regardless, we’re the ones that have to make the shots in order for our students and our district to succeed.

Bubba Watson did not plan to hit his shot into the trees on the second play-off hole yesterday.  He did not want to have to hit a shot off the pine needles that hooked some forty yards in order make it on the green, but he did it.  Bubba said, “I knew what I was facing there. I had a good lie, had a gap where I had to hook it 40 yards or something. I'm pretty good at hooking it."  And so, he simply did what needed to be done.  He took the club he thought he needed, trusted his swing and smoothly knocked the shot on the green.  That’s what good educators do every day.  We analyze the needs we have, determine the best method of addressing the need, and we do whatever is necessary to solve the problems in front of us.  We each should be able to say, “I’m pretty good at educating kids,” just as Bubba Watson said, “I’m pretty good at hooking it.”

We don’t know everything about teaching students, as teaching is an inexact science; however, we do know that our job is to have a district that provides a relevant, challenging, interesting and engaging education for our students.  We know students should be working together routinely.  We know technology should be integrated frequently into lessons and student products.  We know teachers should be structuring their classes to work with small groups of students on a frequent basis, and we know that we must teach in ways that interest students.

I appreciate the effort you put into making CSISD a great place for students and staff and a great value for our community.

Thanks for your hard work.  

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