42 CSISD students selected for region 8 orchestra

Monday, October 22, 2012

42 CSISD students selected for region 8 orchestra

After auditions on Saturday, October 20, 42 College Station ISD orchestra students were selected to perform in the Region 8 orchestra concert.

Musicians from both A&M Consolidated High School and College Station High School will represent their schools and CSISD at the regional concert, which will be held at Baylor University on December 8.

Those selected include:

Violins:  Shankara Anand (AMCHS), Michael Bettati (AMCHS), Kevin Choi (AMCHS), Yuchen Gao (AMCHS), Helena Hwang (AMCHS), Minha Kim (AMCHS), Kristy Lee (AMCHS), Pablo Leon (AMCHS),  Victor Leon (AMCHS), Jeana Nam (AMCHS), Janet Ni (AMCHS), Stephanie Palazzolo (AMCHS), Esther Parulian (AMCHS), Shreya Shankar (AMCHS), Samantha Wang (AMCHS), Steven Wang (AMCHS), Woody Wang (CSHS), Kalin Warlick (CSHS), James Wu (AMCHS), Tiffany Wu (AMCHS), Michael Yang (AMCHS), Lilian Zhan (AMCHS), Maxin Zelenko (CSHS), and Emily Zhao (AMCHS)

Violas:  James Amdor (AMCHS), Andrew Choi (AMCHS), Vilja Jarvi (AMCHS), Hannah Jung (AMCHS), Jeremy Parulian (AMCHS), Andrea Wu (CSHS), Vicky Yao (AMCHS), and Kelly Zhang (CSHS)

Cello: Kaitlyn Bailey (CSHS), Patric Bettati (AMCHS), Will Chollett (CSHS), Joshua Ho (AMCHS), Partick Lynch (AMCHS), and Angela Yip (AMCHS)

Bass: Preston Cunha (AMCHS), David Deng (AMCHS), Derek Lemons (CSHS), and Taylor Rowland (AMCHS)

Alternates:  Brian Hong (AMCHS) and Alex Arreola-Garcia (AMCHS), Zeke Hsieh  (AMCHS) and Kyle Zhu  (AMCHS)

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