CSMS places third at state math and science meet

Each of the students had to make qualifying scores on tests at a meet earlier in the spring in order to compete.  CSMS competed in the AAA division and placed third out of more than 30 teams in the competition.  

Students competed against others in their grade level, and the contestants finished as follows:

8th Grade Number Sense

  • BJ Kim - 1st Place

  • Eugene Tian - 4th Place

  • Grace Kim - 14th Place

7th Grade Number Sense  

  • Richard Yu- 5the Place

  • Peter Liu - 14the Place

Team Number Sense

  • BJ Kim, Eugene Tian, Grace Kim, and Richard Yu - 2nd Place

8th Grade Calculator

  • Annie Liang - 19th Place

8th Grade Math

  • BJ Kim - 1st Place

  • Eugene Tian - 2nd Place

  • Annie Liang - 5th Place

  • Grace Kim - 6th Place

  • Tony Li - 7the Place

  • Jason Fan - 12th Place

  • Ellen Wang - 16th Place

7th Grade Math

  • Richard Yu - 1st Place

  • Ashika Verma - 12th Place

  • Peter Liu - 20th Place

Team Math

  • BJ Kim, Eugene Tian, Annie Liang, and Richard Yu - 1st Place

8th Grade Science

  • Elmira Adili - 4th Place

  • Tony Li - 10th Place

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