CSHS wins Austin culinary contest

Jayme Holden and Megan Clark-Tchen won first place in the mystery basket competition and the winning plate consisted of a coconut curry chicken with handmade fettuccine and a summer salad.

In ninja knife skills, Joshua Medina won first place and Allen Hall took fourth.  Medina and Hall had to produce four different knife cuts including the French tourne.

Daniel Schulien won first place and Adrian Parsi placed sixth in spices and herbs, in which they had to identify more than 30 spices and herbs in a timed event.

In the omelet contest, Cat Currens won first place, Morgan Sigle earned second place and Matt Rogers took fourth place.

In plate decorating, Kiahna Butterfield won third with her chocolate butterfly and fondant rose design. Kaitlyn Hunter won fifth with her chocolate spider web and fondant spider themed cheesecake.

In the fruit carving event, Emmy Vazquez won second place for his basket with love birds, flowers and carved nest. Kayla Van de Flier earned fourth place with her watermelon carved rose.

Cougar culinary is taught and coached by Catherine Parsi.


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