35 CSISD seventh-graders to be recognized by Duke

Of those who took the SAT or ACT, 35 scored high enough to qualify for participation in the State Recognition Ceremony.  Additionally, four of the 35 state qualifiers earned a trip to Duke University to attend the Grand Recognition Ceremony.

The Duke University Talent Identification Program’s (Duke TIP) seventh grade talent search identifies students in 16 states in the Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest who have scored in the 95th percentile on a grade-level achievement test.  As part of the program, these academically talented students take above-level, college-entrance exams (SAT or ACT) to learn more about their abilities.

Duke TIP hosts annual recognition ceremonies to honor the seventh graders who score highest on their ACT or SAT exams. This year, 75,172 participated nationally. Of those, 23,379 students have been invited to attend state recognition ceremonies, and 1,670 students have been invited to the grand recognition ceremony.

The Grand Recognition Ceremony honors seventh graders who have earned scores equal to or better than 90% of college-bound seniors who took the same tests. The event will be held May 23 at Cameron Indoor Stadium on the Duke University campus in Durham, N.C.

The State Recognition Ceremonies honor seventh graders who have earned scores equal to or better than half of the college-bound seniors who took the tests. Working with host academic institutions, Duke TIP sponsors 34 state ceremonies in its 16-state Talent Search region during the months of May and June. Speakers include university administrators and professors from the host institutions, state and government officials, and accomplished former Duke TIP students.


State Recognition qualifiers

***Denotes Grand Recognition qualifier.

Anna Bardenhagen - CSMS

Hannah Chang - AMCMS

Mark Cahill - CSMS

***Kayli Childers - CSMS

Caroline Coopersmith - AMCMS

Preston Davis - AMCMS

Erin Fox - AMCMS

Lingyi Fu - AMCMS

Michele Gherardi - AMCMS

Maya Girimaji - AMCMS

Calvin Guo - AMCMS

Phuc Ha  - AMCMS

Lacey Hawthorne - AMCMS

Cassie He - AMCMS

John Ives - CSMS

Romina Lasagna - AMCMS

Peter Liu - CSMS

Susan Nam - CSMS

Laura Orr - CSMS

Elizabeth Palazzolo - AMCMS

Nicholas Palermo - CSMS

Cullen Paradowski - CSMS

Christian Reza - CSMS

***Riva Salzman - AMCMS

Parth Sarin - AMCMS

Mike Sprintson - AMCMS

***Ashika Verma - CSMS

Julian Wang - CSMS

Sophia Wei - AMCMS

Christopher Williams - CSMS

Benjamin Wolz - CSMS

Melissa Yang - AMCMS

Sarah Yao - AMCMS

Richard Yu - CSMS

***Jennifer Zahn - AMCMS

For more information, please visit www.tip.duke.edu.


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