CSISD choirs rack up awards at state contest

The superior rating is the highest possible rating given to individual students and the excellent rating in the second highest.  The following students received the superior or excellent ratings.

  • Marisa Acton (AMCHS): superior soloist

  • Kyle Chism (AMCHS): superior ensemble and excellent ensemble

  • Bryan Conlee (AMCHS): superior ensemble and excellent ensemble

  • Kiersten Fallon (CSHS): superior soloist

  • McKenzie Forsyth (AMCHS): excellent soloist

  • Diana Garcia (AMCHS): excellent soloist

  • Audrey Harris (AMCHS): superior ensemble

  • Carter Heath (AMCHS): excellent soloist

  • Moses Hong (AMCHS): excellent soloist

  • Mallory Kahlich (CSHS): superior soloist

  • Abigail Kellstedt (CSHS): excellent soloist

  • Ryan Kreider (AMCHS): superior soloist and superior ensemble

  • Megan Kriger (AMCHS): superior soloist and superior ensemble

  • Noelle Lane (AMCHS): excellent soloist

  • Claudia Lee (AMCHS): superior soloist and superior ensemble

  • Clarissa Parulian (CSHS): excellent soloist

  • Riley Quinn (CSHS): superior soloist

  • Laura Ramirez (AMCHS): excellent soloist

  • Skylar Roberts (AMCHS): excellent soloist

  • Megan Rogers (AMCHS): excellent soloist

  • Hannah Smith (AMCHS): excellent soloist

  • Janson Soltis (AMCHS): superior soloist

  • Jessica Taylor (AMCHS): superior ensemble

  • Ariel Tran (AMCHS): superior ensemble

  • Jillian Volkmar (CSHS): excellent soloist

  • Randy Westmoreland (AMCHS): excellent soloist

  • Marit Yosko (AMCHS): superior soloist

To qualify for the state contest, students had to earn a superior rating at their respective regional  competition.


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