CSISD students perform well above state averages on college readiness indicator

“ACT results are one of many factors we use to determine the success of College Station ISD,” said superintendent Dr. Eddie Coulson.  “To truly tell if a district is being successful, it must look at many different indicators like ACT results, and not focus solely on the results of state-mandated exams.”

In 2013, CSISD students fared far better on the exam, than the state average in every category.  The average English ACT score for the 162 students CSISD who took the ACT exam last school year was 22.7, compared to the 19.8 statewide average.  CSISD students also outperformed their peers statewide in Math (25 to 21.5), Reading (23.8 to 21), Science (23.7 to 20.9) and in the composite results (23.9 to 20.9).  The composite score equates to the average of the four test scores.

According to ACT, students should meet a certain score, or “benchmark,” for each of the tested areas to be ready for a corresponding freshman-level college course.  For example, the benchmark for a college-level English Composition course is an 18 on ACT English test, while you must score a 22 on the ACT Math test to reach the benchmark for college-level Algebra. Social Science and Biology have a college-readiness benchmark of 22 and 23 respectively.

In CSISD, 78% of students who took the test reached the benchmark in English as opposed to 61% statewide.  Also, 77% (48% state) met the benchmark in Math, 62% (43% state) in Reading, 62% (36%) in Science, and 50% (26% state) met the benchmark in all four categories.


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