Monday Message: September 9, 2013

CSISD Staff:

My plan was to write about the importance of teaching our students to be gritty; however, this six minute video does a much better job than I could ever do.  Please watch it today.

Here’s my question for you:  as an educator and/or parent, how did you teach your kids to be gritty today?  Did you just teach the curriculum?  Or, did you also teach perseverance and determination?

Research is becoming clearer that the most successful people in life are not necessarily those with the highest IQ.  The most successful people are those that are determined, hard-working and unwilling to give up.

If you haven’t, you should read How Children Succeed:  Grit Curiosity and the Hidden Power of Character.    

Thanks for being gritty in your quest to help our students succeed.


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