33 CSISD students qualify for BPA state contest

The state contest is held in conjunction with the Texas BPA Leadership Convention in Houston on March 6-8.

Complete CSISD results are listed below.

Individual Event State Qualifiers

  • Advanced Word Processing Skills:  Nahrin Majid (AMCHS)

  • Banking and Finance: Collin Lawson (CSHS)

  • C++ Programming:  Nathan Guermond (AMCHS), Yusha Sun (AMCHS) , Steven Wang (AMCHS)

  • Computer Modeling:  Travis Stebbins (AMCHS)

  • Fundamental Accounting:  Emily Miaou, Isaac Venegas (AMCHS)

  • Fundamental Desktop Publishing:  Rachel Scott (AMCHS)

  • Interview Skills:  Sanathan Iyer (AMCHS)

  • Java Programming:  Jiwhan Son (AMCHS), Mark Ebbole (AMCHS), Erika Salzman (AMCHS)

  • Keyboarding Production:  Vicky Yao (AMCHS)

  • Medical Office Procedures:  Lujain Elnihum (AMCHS) , Helena Hwang (AMCHS)

  • Payroll Accounting:  Ali Kasam (AMCHS) , Chengcen Shao (AMCHS)

  • PC Servicing and Troubleshooting:  Yasin Haque (AMCHS)

  • Presentation Management:  Devyn McBride (CSHS)

Team Event State Qualifiers                                                                  

  • Administrative Support Team:  (AMCHS) Azra Razvi, Erika Salzman, Ann Yue

  • Broadcast News Production Team:  (AMCHS)  Heather Blanton, Jenna Gonzalez, Helen Reese, Liz Williams

  • Computer Animation Team:  (AMCHS) Mark Ebbole, Travis Stebbins

  • Economic Research Project Team:  (AMCHS)  Emily Miaou, Patrick Sorescu, Yusha Sun, Vicky Yao

  • Financial Analyst Team:  (AMCHS) Hasanain Ali, Ali-Zain Ali, Ali Kassam

  • Global Marketing Team:  (AMCHS) Helena Hwang, Jihyo Kim, Chengcen Shao

  • Presentation Management Team:  (AMCHS)  Sanathan Iyer, Yasin Haque

  • Small Business Management Team:  (AMCHS) Ricky Desai, Jiwhan Son, Ilham Susanto, Cody Zavala

Individual Event State Alternates

  • Accounting: Victoria Evans (CSHS)

  • Extemporaneous Speech:  Phoebe Fu (CSHS), Kevin Sanchez (AMCHS),

  • Human Resource Management:  Azra Razvi (AMCHS)

Team Event State Alternates

  • Administrative Support:  (CSHS)  Victoria Evans, Lillian Ford, Dorothy Hudson, and Lisa Liu

  • Global Marketing: (CSHS)  Samana Askari, Collin Lawson, Blake Dorsett, and Ethan Desai

  • Presentation Management Team:  (AMCHS) Lujain Elnihum, Lamya Elnihum, Samira Islam-Mina, Nahrin Majid

Open Events

  • Financial Math & Analysis:  Emily Miaou (AMCHS) -1st place; Keven Sanchez (AMCHS) - 3rd place

  • Insurance Concepts:  Sanathan Iyer (AMCHS) - 4th place, Kevin Sanchez (AMCHS) - 5th place

  • Administrative Support Concepts:  Asra Razvi (AMCHS) - 2nd place, Hasanain Ali (AMCHS) - 6th place

  • Computer Programming Concepts:  Travis Stebbins (AMCHS) - 2nd place, Steven Wang (AMCHS) - 3rd place; Nathan Guermond (AMCHS) - 4th place

  • Information Technology Concepts:  Travis Stebbins (AMCHS) - 2nd place, Nathan Guermond (AMCHS) - 5th place, Yasin Haque (AMCHS) - 6th place

  • Business Meeting Management Concepts:  Yasin Haque (AMCHS) - 3rd place

  • Management/Marketing/Human Resources Concepts:  Azra Razvi (AMCHS) - 2nd place

Club sponsors from AMCHS are Terri Casto, Kathy Fisher, and Dianne Rister, while Mary Beth Duff is the sponsor at CSHS.  

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