CSHS math & science team place third at state meet

Despite have no seniors and only three juniors on the team, CSHS placed third out of 30 class 3A schools in the competition.  Argyle HS and Wylie HS placed first and second, respectively.

Individually, all 12 students placed in the top 10 in at least one category in their grade-level competition.

Junior Jiatao Liang earned the second-most points among all 3A 11th-grade competitors, and BJ Kim (1st), Hongsen Qin (2nd), Jason Tan (3rd), and Eugene Tian (4th) were the top performing freshmen.

The individual and team results were:

11th Grade Competitors

  • Jiatao Liang - 1st in Biology, 1st in Mathematics, 1st in Science, 4th in Number Sense, 9th in calculator

  • Will Chollett - 6th in Science

10th Grade Competitors

  • Woody Wang - 1st in Science, 8th in Math

Ninth Grade Competitors  

  • BJ Kim - 1st in Math, 1st in Number Sense, 5th in Science, 8th in Calculator

  • Hongsen Qin - 2nd in Math 2nd in Science, 4th in Calculator, 8th in Number Sense

  • Jason Tan - 1st in Science, 4th in Number Sense, 5th in Calculator, 7th in Math

  • Eugene Tian - 3rd in Number Sense, 3rd in Math, 9th in Calculator

  • Tony Li - 4th in Math, 7th in Number Sense

  • Annie Liang - 3rd in Science, 6th in Math, 7th in Calculator

  • Merusha Mukherjee - 4th in Science

  • Pablo Villalobos - 8th in Science

  • Yutae Lee - 5th in Math

Each of the contests also has a team result based on the top four individual scores.  The science team placed second, the math team placed third and the number sense team was third.

The TMSCA state meet annually brings together the top math and science students from the state of Texas on the UTSA campus for contests in mathematics, science, calculator, and number sense.  

The students compete against other students based on grade level and classification, and the schools are ranked using the top four scores in each of the four contests.

The team sponsor is Jamie Bassett.


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