Both CSISD academic UIL teams win district

The CSHS team (609 points) defeated its nearest opponent in the district 18-3A meet by 212 points, while AMCHS (517 points) eased past its nearest opponent in the district 14-5A meet by 198 points.

In all, 52 CSISD students advanced to the regional competition.  CSHS will compete at the 3A Region 3 meet on May 3 at Blinn College in Brenham.  AMCHS will compete in the 5A Region 2 meet on May 3 at Baylor University in Waco.

Individual Results

* - advanced to regionals

  • *Adili, Elmira, CSHS: 1st Lincoln Douglas Debate

  • *Ali, Hasanain, AMCHS: 3rd Computer Apps

  • Barrera, Savannah, AMCHS: 5th Poetry Interpretation

  • *Branham, Dana, AMCHS: 1st Feature Writing, 1st News Writing

  • Cadle, Lucas, AMCHS: 6th Persuasive Speaking

  • Carranco, Sophia, CSHS: 5th Lincoln Douglas Debate

  • *Choi, Kevin, AMCHS: 2nd Informative Speaking

  • *Chollett, Williams, CSHS: 4th Science

  • *Clark Tchen, CSHS, Megan: 2nd Prose Interpretation

  • *Cohen, Fiona, CSHS: 1st Editorial Writing, 6th Literary Criticism, 5th Ready Writing

  • *Coopersmith, Alex, AMCHS: 1st Current Issues, 1st Informative Speaking

  • *DeBeurs, Sebastian, CSHS: 6th Current Issues, 1st Persuasive Speaking

  • *DeBeurs, Zoe, CSHS: 3rd Feature Writing, 5th Poetry Interpretation

  • *Evans, Victoria, CSHS: 4th Accounting

  • *Feigenbaum, Ryan, CSHS: 2nd Computer Science

  • *Fernando, Teshan, CSHS: 2nd Spelling

  • *Fu, Phoebe, CSHS: 2nd Lincoln Douglas Debate

  • Guermond, Nathan, AMCHS: 5th Computer Science

  • *Hajali, Diana, CSHS: 1st Spelling

  • *Islam-Mina, Samira, AMCHS: 1st Prose Interpretation

  • *Johnson, Tessa, CSHS: 2nd Ready Writing, 5th Science, 6th Social Studies

  • *Kancharla, Srujan, CSHS: 2nd Persuasive Speaking

  • *Kellstedt, Abigail, CSHS: 2nd Current Issues

  • *Kim, BJ, CSHS: 5th Calculator, 2nd Math, 2nd Number Sense, 5th Spelling

  • *Lamb, Benjamin, AMCHS: 3rd Current Issues

  • *Liang, Annie, CSHS: 3rd Calculator, 4th Math, 6th Science

  • *Liang, Jiatao, CSHS: 1st Calculator, 3rd Computer Science, 1st Math, 3rd Number Sense, 1st Science, Top Chemistry, Top Physics

  • Liu, Lisa, CSHS: 4th Feature Writing

  • *Liu, Michelle, AMCHS: 5th Editorial Writing, 2nd Headline Writing, 1st Literary Criticism

  • *Liu, Peter, CSHS: 1st Computer Science

  • *Mackin-Plankey, Francisco, AMCHS: 3rd Poetry Interpretation

  • *Madhav, Rohit, CSHS: 1st Informative Speaking

  • *Miller, Alex, CSHS: 2nd News Writing

  • Mohanty, Shlok, AMCHS: 6th Computer Apps

  • *Momin, Ali, CSHS: 1st Accounting

  • *Murphy, Allan, AMCHS: 3rd Prose Interpretation

  • *Oliva, Rojas, AMCHS: 3rd Feature Writing

  • *Palazzolo, Stephanie, AMCHS: 2nd Editorial Writing, 4th Headline Writing, 2nd Literary Criticism, 3rd Ready Writing

  • Paradowski, Megan, CSHS: 4th News Writing

  • *Park, Riley, CSHS: 4th Literary Criticism

  • *Park, Sam, CSHS: 4th Computer Science

  • *Parsi, Lily, CSHS: 2nd Editorial Writing

  • Pham, Andrew, AMCHS: 6th Social Studies

  • Pillai, Eric, AMCHS: 5th Ready Writing

  • Potrykus, Julie, CSHS: 6th Headline Writing

  • *Qin, Hongsen, CSHS: 6th Calculator, 3rd Science

  • *Roberman, Jamie, CSHS: 1st Social Studies

  • *Russell, Zach, CSHS: 1st Current Issues

  • Shadparvar, Sam, CSHS: 4th Informative Speaking

  • *Shankar, Shreya, AMCHS: 1st Number Sense, 5th Spelling & Vocabulary

  • *Shankar, Sujay, AMCHS: 3rd Spelling & Vocabulary

  • Shao, Chengcen, AMCHS: 4th Accounting

  • *Srinivasan, Shankar, AMCHS: 1st Persuasive Speaking

  • Stewart, Alex, AMCHS: 5th Computer Apps

  • *Sun, Yusha, AMCHS: 2nd Mathematics, 1st Chemistry, 4th Science

  • *Tan, Jason, CSHS: 4th Number Sense, 2nd Science, Top Biology

  • *Tian, Eugene, CSHS: 3rd Math, 1st Number Sense

  • *Venkatra, Karna, AMCHS: 3rd Lincoln Douglas Debate

  • *Versaw, Brooke, AMCHS: 1st Spelling & Vocabulary

  • *Villalobos, Samantha, CSHS: 2nd Literary Criticism

  • *Wang, Ellen, CSHS: 4th Spelling

  • Wang, Steven, AMCHS: 6th Calculator, 5th Number Sense

  • *Yang, Michael, AMCHS: 5th Calculator, 2nd Number Sense

  • Yao, Vicky, AMCHS: 6th Accounting

  • *Zhang, Annie, AMCHS: 6th Feature Writing, 2nd News Writing

  • *Zhang, Kelly, CSHS: 6th Accounting

  • *Zhang, Taylor, AMCHS: 2nd Persuasive Speaking

Team Awards

* - advanced to regionals

  • AMCHS Accounting Team - 2nd Place

  • *CSHS Accounting Team - 1st Place

  • *CSHS Calculator Team - 1st Place

  • AMCHS Computer Science Team - 3rd Place

  • *CSHS Computer Science Team - 1st Place

  • *AMCHS Current Issues Team - 1st Place

  • *CSHS Current Issues Team - 1st Place

  • *AMCHS Literary Criticism Team - 1st Place

  • *CSHS Literary Criticism Team - 1st Place

  • AMCHS Mathematics Team - 2nd Place

  • *CSHS Mathematics Team - 1st Place

  • *AMCHS Number Sense Team - 1st Place

  • *CSHS Number Sense Team - 1st Place

  • *CSHS Science Team - 1st Place

  • AMCHS Social Studies Team - 2nd Place

  • *AMCHS Spelling & Vocabulary Team - 1st Place

  • *CSHS Spelling & Vocabulary Team - 1st Place

  • AMCHS Journalism Team - 1st Place

  • CSHS Journalism Team - 2nd Place

  • AMCHS Speech Team - 1st Place

  • CSHS Speech Team - 2nd Place

UIL academic coaches

  • Casey Akin, CSHS: Science

  • Jamie Bassett, AMCHS and CSHS: Math, Calculator, and Number Sense

  • Terri Casto, AMCHS: Spelling and Vocabulary

  • Kathy Fisher, AMCHS: Computer Applications

  • Chad Lehrmann, CSHS: Current Issues, Prose, Poetry, Informative/Persuasive Speaking, Lincoln Douglas Debate

  • Yvette Mora, AMCHS: Science

  • Daniel Posey, AMCHS: Literary Criticism and Ready Writing

  • Dianne Rister, AMCHS and CSHS: Computer Science and Accounting

  • Roy Rodriguez, AMCHS: Current Issues, Prose, Poetry, Informative/Persuasive Speaking, Lincoln Douglas Debate

  • Molly Sanders,CSHS: Social Studies, Current Issues

  • Heather Strawn, CSHS: Spelling and Vocabulary

  • Courtney Wellmann, CSHS: Journalism, Literary Criticism, Ready Writing

  • Mike Williams, AMCHS: News, Feature, Editorial, and Headline Writing

  • April Wilson, AMCHS: Social Studies

  • Kelly Yates, CSHS: Accounting


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