Nine CSISD students qualify for SkillsUSA nationals

Individually, Mark Ebbole (AMCHS) won the computer programming contest, John Cassler (CSHS) won the jobs skills demonstration competition, and Sarah Ann Porter (AMCHS) won in technical computer applications.

The CSHS interactive video game design team, consisting of Tyler Johnson, Kelvin Wang, Samantha Villalobos and Pablo Villalobos won and advanced to nationals.

In addition, Patrick Diaz and David Holbrook of AMCHS will represent the state as officers at the national convention and competition.

National SkillsUSA Conference will be held in Kansas City June 23-27.

AMCHS Coaches are Scott Faulk, Barbara Klein, Patrick Powell, and Bart Taylor, while CSHS coaches are Stephen Green, Jason Oualline,  Jill Steenbergen and Eric Pesak.

About SkillsUSA:  SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA helps each student excel.  SkillsUSA is a national nonprofit organization serving teachers and high school and college students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including health occupations. It was formerly known as VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America).

A complete list of CSISD results is below:

TIVA Student of the Year Scholarship Award Winner:

Yasin Haque - $500 Scholarship (AMCHS)

ILS Writing Scholarship Award Winners:

1st Place – Sarah Ann Porter $125 Scholarship (AMCHS)

2nd Place – Evan Bendiksen $100 Scholarship (AMCHS)

3rd Place – Pearson McCreary $75 Scholarship (AMCHS)

4th Place – Emily Miaou $50 Scholarship (AMCHS)

Overall Best of Show in Information Technology Cluster Project

Best of Show - Team: Raza Zaidi, Sam Suh, Donathan Ratcliffe, Jordan Giletto (AMCHS)

2D Illustration Project

Best of Show -  Kristen Labarbera (AMCHS)

3D Animation Team

3rd Place Team  -  Sam Welsh, Dakota Caler (AMCHS)

3D Animation Project

Superior Rating - Team: Daniel Valdes, Jared Lascurain, & Kyle Krusekopf (AMCHS)

3D Animation Technical Information Test

Silver – Chase Walden (AMCHS)

Advertising Design - Illustration Job Exhibit

Superior Rating - Paige Mitchell (perfect score) (CSHS)

Superior Rating - Tyler Hogan (CSHS)

Superior Rating - Noah Sharp (CSHS)

Superior Rating - Aggela Polymenis (CSHS)

Advertising Design Projects

Superior Rating - Erica Branham (AMCHS)

Superior Rating - Kristen Labarbera (AMCHS)

Superior Rating - Carolyn Frankson (AMCHS)

Superior Rating - Laura Beth Ioerger (AMCHS)

Advertising Design Technical Information Test

Bronze – Erica Branham (AMCHS)

Applied Engineering

2nd Place – Emily Miaou, Zeke Hsieh, Nathan Romo, Nabhan Riaz (AMCHS)

Audio Radio Production

2nd Place Team –  Eric Kubeczka and Jason Gade (AMCHS)

Broadcast News Anchor Team

3rd Place Team -  Helen Reese, Jenna Gonzalez, Liz Williams, Heather Blanton (AMCHS)


2nd Place – John Cassler (CSHS)

Construction Project Exhibit

Superior Rating - Ricky Greenwade and Maddi Arseneaux (CSHS)

Superior Rating - Travis Bettiol (CSHS)

Superior Rating - Patrick Clouston (CSHS)

Superior Rating - Connor Joseph and Jesus Herrera (CSHS)

Superior Rating - Josh Scott (CSHS)

Superior Rating - John Cassler (CSHS)

Superior Rating - Marianna Vizquerra (CSHS)

Computer Maintenance Technical Information Test

Bronze Medal – Nick Lindner (AMCHS)

Computer Theory Technical Information Test

Bronze Medal – Sam Miller (AMCHS)

Computer Maintenance Computer Case Mod Projects

Best of Show - Team: Raza Zaidi, Sam Suh, Donathan Ratcliffe, Jordan Giletto (AMCHS)

Superior Rating - Team: Noah Alvard, Sam Miller, Chase Walden, Andrew Browning (AMCHS)

Superior Rating - Team: Jon Carpenter, Brett Marburger, Dakota Caler, Kenley Pang (AMCHS)

Superior Rating - Team: Kenley Pang, Daniel Valdez, Arijan Horvat (AMCHS)

Superior Rating - Team: Johnathan Chang, Gunnar Andrus, Willy Nguyen, Nabhan Riaz (AMCHS)

Computer Programming

1st Place – Mark Ebbole (AMCHS)


Interactive Video Game Design

1st Place Team  – Tyler Johnson, Kelvin Wang, Samantha Villalobos and Pablo Villalobos (CSHS)

3rd Place Team  -  Mark Ebbole, Kristen Labarbera, Travis Stebbins (AMCHS)

Job Skills Demonstration A

1st Place – John Cassler (CSHS)

Photo Panel Job Exhibit

Superior Rating - Jordan Bratcher (CSHS)

Pre-produced Video Projects

Superior Rating – Andrew Lascurain (AMCHS)

Superior Rating – Steven Cote and Henry Davis (AMCHS)

Superior Rating - Ryan Brauer (AMCHS)

Superior Rating  - Liz Williams and Heather Blanton (AMCHS)

Superior Rating - Eric Golden and Ryan Jones (AMCHS)

Superior Rating - Jenna Gonzalez and Helen Reese (AMCHS)

Superior Rating - Kent Klein and Diego Espina (AMCHS)

Superior Rating - Eric Kubeczka and David Blinn (AMCHS)

Robotics and Automation

1st Place Team – Aric Ziegelmann and Hunter Ziegelmann (CSHS)

Technical Computer Applications

1st Place – Sarah Ann Porter (AMCHS)

Telecommunication and Cabling

2nd Place - Zack Minkler (AMCHS)

3rd Place - Raza Zaidi (AMCHS)

Television Video Production

2nd Place Team -  Henry Davis and Andrew Lascurain (AMCHS)

Television Production Technical Test

Bronze Medal - Peter Krueter (AMCHS)

Television Camera Operator Technical Test

Gold Medal - Kent Klein (AMCHS)

Bronze Medal - Amanda Herrera (AMCHS)

Web Page Design Team

3rd Place Team - Logan Reynolds and Noah Alvard (AMCHS)


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