CSISD FFA members participate in BCYLS

After raising and caring for livestock for several months, or preparing horticultural, consumer science or ag mechanic projects, members who earned top placings participated in a live auction Saturday evening.

Market Animals

Preston Bunner (CSHS): Market Barrows: 5th in class

Kaytlyn Livingston (CSHS): Market Barrows: 5th in class

Abbie Harris (CSHS): Market Barrow, 2nd in class

Karli Kaase (CSHS): Market Barrows: 2nd in class; Market Rabbits

Mason Kaase (CSHS): Market Barrows: 1st in class; 2nd in class, 4th in class; Market Rabbits

Hope Victoria (Tori) Smith (CSHS): Market Barrow Reserve Breed Champion Hampshire, 1st in class; Market Barrows 2nd in class

Courtney McGee (CSHS): Market Steer

Ashlyn Miller (CSHS): Market Rabbits

Aaron Zavala (CSHS): Market Rabbits

Kayla Hanson (AMCHS): 4th, 5th and 7th Place Market Goat, 1st Place Heifer, Reserve Champion American Breeds

Angelica Majors (AMCHS): 9th Place Market Goat

Dustin McGee (AMCHS): 3rd and 6th Place Market Swine

Emma Skains (AMCHS): 8th Place Market Swine

Ryan Bouse (AMCHS): 2nd and 3rd Place Market Swine

Alexis Hux (AMCHS): 7th Place Market Swine

Cheyenne Cook (AMCHS): 10th Place Market Swine

Ross Villanueva (AMCHS): 7th Place Market Swine

Landon Hux (AMCHS): 10th Place Market Swine

Chyann Norwood (AMCHS): 3rd and 4th Place Market Swine and Sr. Swine Showmanship

Peyton McCleary (AMCHS): 1st Place Market Steer

Kathrine Opiela (AMCHS): 7th Place Market Rabbits

Kristen Schuler (AMCHS): 17th Place Market Rabbits

Amy Bonet and Kayla Wallace (AMCHS): Market Rabbits

Analessia Martinez and Bradley Brugger (AMCHS): Market Swine

Ag Mechanics

Mason Gold, Jeremy Wilson, Dustin McGee, Nick Raley and David Buxkemper (AMCHS): Division Champion, Grand Champion and Champion Group Showmanship 20' Trailer

Ryan Bouse, Jaylon Kallie and Dereck Mills (AMCHS): Reserve Division Champion & Reserve Grand Champion 16' Trailer

Nick Raley (AMCHS): Grand Champions Sale Division 4'X6' Tower Deer Blind, 3rd Place Windmill

Heather Weir (AMCHS): Reserve Grand Champion Sale Division & Individual Showmanship Entrance Gate

Kayla Wallace, Josh Tremblay and Preston Dorman (AMCHS): 1st in Class Entrance Gate Reserve Division Champion

Peyton McLeary and Thomas Edrington (AMCHS): 2nd Place Entrance Gate

Ian Tremblay (AMCHS): 3rd Place Entrance Gate

Noah Langley (AMCHS): 4th Place Entrance Gate

Dustin McGee (AMCHS):  2nd Place Protein Feeder, 3rd Place Headache Rack

Mason Gold (AMCHS): 1st Coffee Table

Ryan Bouse (AMCHS): 2nd Coffee Table and End Table Set

Dustin Moreau (AMCHS): 1st Place and Division Champion 4'X6' Deer Blind

Jacob Hanson (AMCHS): 2nd Place Livestock Feeder

David Buxkemper (AMCHS): 2nd Place Headache Rack

Jaylon Kallie (AMCHS): 3rd Place Bench

Dereck Mills (AMCHS): 1st Place Division Champion Fishing Cart

Ian Tremblay (AMCHS): 2nd Place Fire Pit

Aaron Crum and Michaela Cheyne (AMCHS): 1st Place and Division Champion Fire Pit

Thomas Edrington (AMCHS): 1st Place Fire Pit

Jace Williams (AMCHS): 3rd Place Table

Cisco Hurtado (AMCHS): 1st Place Front Replacement Bumper

Tyler Reim (AMCHS): 3rd Place Fire Pit

Family and Consumer Sciences

Courtney McGee (CSHS): Canned Goods: Grand Champion Canned Good, Senior Pickle Class Champion

Preston Bunner (CSHS): Horticulture

Hope Victoria (Tori) Smith (CSHS): Horticulture

Kaitlen Gardner (CSHS): Reserve Grand Champion Baked Good, Senior Cake Class Champion

Megan Bob (CSHS): Photography, Metal/Woodworking

Samantha Hooter (CSHS): Photography

Ashlyn Miller (CSHS): Photography

Aaron Zavala (CSHS): Metal/Woodworking

Kayley Hart (AMCHS): 2nd Best of Class Paintings and Drawings, Red Ribbon Floral

Travis Rooney (AMCHS): 2nd Best of Class Photography

Landon Hux (AMCHS): 2nd Best of Class Senior Baked Goods

Alexis Hux (AMCHS): Blue Ribbon Sr. Cakes/Cupcakes

Karumi Duran (AMCHS): Blue Ribbon Sr. Cakes/Cupakes

Kathrine Opiela (AMCHS): Blue Ribbon Sr. Quick Breads, Blue Ribbon Sr. Cookies, Blue Ribbon Sr. Sewing

Kayla Hanson (AMCHS): Blue Ribbon Sr. Canned Goods

Kristen Akin (AMCHS): Blue Ribbon Sr. Sewing

Lauren Smith (AMCHS): Best in Class Machine Sewing

Kayla Peterson (AMCHS): Blue Ribbon Sr. Arts and Crafts Beading/Jewelry, Red Ribbon Sr. Paintings and Drawings

Kayla Wallace (AMCHS): Red Ribbon Sr. Potted Plants, Red Ribbon Sr Fresh and Silk Floral, Red Ribbon Sr. Arts and Crafts, Blue Ribbon Photography

Jeremy Wilson (AMCHS): Blue Ribbon Sr Large Wood/Metal

Bradley Bruegger (AMCHS): Red Ribbon Sr. Large Wood/Metal

Queen Contest

Kayla Hanson (AMCHS): First Runner Up

Kayla Wallace (AMCHS): Princess

Peyton McCleary (AMCHS): Princess

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