CSISD students advance to state business professionals contest

Seventeen students advanced in individual contests, while a combined 22 students advanced in seven different team events.

Several other students placed in open contests, which are held at the regional level only.

The regional contest was held at Pflugerville Hendrickson High School and the state contest will be held in Dallas March 4-7.

State Qualifiers (Individuals)

  • Fundamentals of Accounting:  Falen Williamson (CSHS)

  • Payroll Accounting: Victoria Evans (CSHS), Ali Kassam (AMCHS)

  • Advanced Accounting: Collin Lawson (CSHS)

  • Keyboarding Production: Shelly Zhou (AMCHS)

  • Medical Office Procedures: Lamya Elnihum, Amy Kumar (AMCHS)

  • PC Servicing & Troubleshooting:  Colin Xie (AMCHS)

  • C++ Programming:  Yusha Sun (AMCHS), Steven Wang  (AMCHS), David Wu  (AMCHS)

  • Java Programming:  Ashika Verma (CSHS), Kelvin Wang (AMCHS), Michael Yang (AMCHS)

  • Human Resource Management:  Devyn McBride (CSHS), Nooran Riaz (AMCHS)

  • Interview Skills:  Sadiq Iqbal (CSHS)

  • Extemporaneous Speech:  Phoebe Fu (CSHS)

State Qualifiers (Teams)

  • AMCHS Global Marketing Team:  Esther Youn, Irene Hsieh, Jihyo Kim, Neil Wu

  • AMCHS Financial Analyst Team: Ali-Zain Ali, Hasanain Ali, Ali Kassam, Mishaal Lalani

  • AMCHS Administration Support Team:  Yusha Sun, Anne Yue, Amy Kumar, Azra Razvi

  • AMCHS Small Business Management Team:  Alexander Ober, Steven Wang, Colin Xie, Michael Yang

  • AMCHS Presentation Management Team:  Lamya Elnihum, Nooran Riaz, Samira Islam-Mina, Shelly Zhou

  • CSHS Website Design Team: Ashika Verma, Sandhiya Ravichandran

State Alternates

  • Presentation Management: Heitor Lima (CSHS)

  • Prepared Speech:  Kevin Sanchez (AMCHS)

  • AMCHS Small Business Management Team:  Charles McKenzie, David Sorrells, Olsen Schwartz

  • CSHS Video Production Team:  Pheobe Fu and Falen Williamson

CSISD students who placed in open events

  • Financial Math & Analysis:  Alexander Ober (AMCHS), Stephen Wang (AMCHS), Falen Williamson (CSHS), Colin Xie (AMCHS), Michael Yang (AMCHS)

  • Computer Programming Concepts: Kevin Sanchez (AMCHS), Kelvin Wang (AMCHS), Steven Wang (AMCHS), David Wu (AMCHS), Michael Yang (AMCHS)

  • Information Technology Concepts:   Nooran Riaz, Kelvin Wang (AMCHS), Steven Wang (AMCHS), Colin Xie (AMCHS)

  • Parliamentary Procedure Concepts:  Sadiq Iqbal (CSHS), Alexander Ober (AMCHS)

  • Management/Marketing/Human Resources Concepts:  Samira Islam-Mina (AMCHS), Devyn McBride (CSHS)

  • Administrative Support Concepts:  , Samira Islam-Mina (AMCHS), Shelly Zhou (AMCHS)

  • Business Meeting Management Concepts: Sadiq Iqbal (CSHS)

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