CSISD math and science teams finish in top 8 at state

Competing against the 23 best 5A math and science teams in the state, CSHS finished third in the overall competition, while AMCHS finished eighth.

The CSHS science team (Jiatao Liang, Jason Tan, Hongsen Qin, and Tony Li) finished first, while the CSHS math team (Liang, BJ Kim, Qin, and Eugene Tian) finished second. The AMCHS science team (Yusha Sun, Shreya Shankar, Brandon Zhao, and Anik Banerjee) placed fourth.

CSHS senior Jiatao Liang highlighted the individual competition, earning a scholarship for third place overall senior.  Additionally, CSHS sophomore BJ Kim won first place overall 10th grader and CSHS sophomore Jason Tan scored the contest’s only perfect score in chemistry.

Individuals who placed in the top ten in their grade level were:

  • BJ Kim (CSHS), 10th grade:  1st overall 10th grader, 1st number sense, 1st math, 6th science

  • Tony Li (CSHS), 10th grade:  3rd overall 10th graders, 6th number sense, 7th math, 4th science

  • Jiatao Liang (CSHS), 12th grade:  3rd overall 12th grader, 1st math, 1st science, 3rd overall physics, 4th overall biology, 4th overall chemistry, 8th number sense

  • Hongsen Qin (CSHS), 10th grader:  4th overall 10th grader, 2nd math, 2nd science, 4th overall chemistry, 4th overall physics

  • Shreya Shankar (AMCHS), 12th grade:  9th overall 12th grader, 3rd science, 9th math, 10th number sense

  • Yusha Sun (AMCHS), 11th grade:  6th overall 11th grader, 1st science, 1st overall physics, 2nd overall chemistry, 7th math

  • Jason Tan (CSHS), 10th grade:  7th overall 10th grader, 1st science, 1st overall chemistry (the only perfect score of the entire competition), 8th math

  • Eugene Tian (CSHS), 10th grade:   10th overall 10th grader, 5th math, 10th number sense

  • Ellen Wang (CSHS), 10th grade:  5th science

  • Rosetta Wang (CSHS), 9th grade:  1st science

  • Woody Wang (CSHS), 11th grader:  10th science

  • Michael Yang (AMCHS), 12th grade:  7th number sense

  • Richard Yu (CSHS), 9th grade: – 2nd math

  • Jennifer Zhan (AMCHS), 9th grade:  3rd number sense

  • Brandon Zhao (AMCHS), 10th grade:  9th overall 11th grader, 3rd math

The TMSCA math and science competition consists of four contests – number sense, calculator, mathematics, and science.  Students compete against peers in their respective grade level and UIL classification.

In each of the four contests, team awards are also made using the top four scores from each school regardless of grade level.  Sweepstakes prizes are awarded based on the four team scores for each school.

Other competitors for A&M Consolidated were Melissa Yang, David Wu, and Steven Wang, while Merusha Mukherjee, Daniel Sung, and Esther Yi also competed for College Station.

The students were accompanied by Jamie Bassett, Elizabeth Cunha, and Naveen Cunha.


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