CSISD students win 14 state championships at SkillsUSA contest

Of the 27 students advancing to nationals, 26 of them won individual or team state championships in their respective events.

In all, 104 CSISD students qualified at the regional contest and competed at state.

The students participated in four days of leadership and hands-on skilled competitions with and against more than 7,200 attendees.

In addition to the contest, Ross Romero was elected into the state office and will represent AMCHS as a SkillsUSA State Officer for the 2015-2016 school year.

The National SKillsUSA Skills and Leadership Conference will be held in Lexington, Ky., in June.

SkillsUSA is a national nonprofit organization serving teachers, high school students, and college students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including health occupations.


3D Animation Team

  • 1st Place Team:  Kyle Krusekopf & Jared Lascurain - AMCHS

Advertising Design

  • 1st Place: Erica Branham - AMCHS

Career Pathway Showcase in Information Technology

  • 1st Place: Patrick Diaz, Ann Yue, Ellen Li, Erika Salzman - AMCHS


  • 1st Place:  John Cassler - CSHS

Interactive Application and Game Development

  • 1st Place:  Aggela Polymenis, Tyler Hogan, Bryson Greenwood, and Pablo Villalobos - CSHS


  • 1st Place:  Chase Zamulinski - CSHS

Medical Terminology

  • 1st Place:  Ellen Li - AMCHS

Quiz Bowl

  • 1st Place:  Cahill Ordones, Sam Park, Mark Cahill, Marcus Varni, and Jiatao Liang - CSHS

Related Technical Mathematics

  • 1st place:  Erika Salzman - AMCHS

Technical Computer Applications

  • 1st Place:  Yuchen Gao - AMCHS

Telecommunication and Cabling

  • 1st Place:  Johnathan Chang - AMCHS

  • 3rd Place:  Ryan Bevan - AMCHS

Television Video Production

  • 1st Place Team:  Amanda Herrera & Ras Goodwyn - AMCHS

Web Page Design Individual

  • 1st Place:   Dana Choe - AMCHS

Web Design Team

  • 1st Place:  Ryan Feigenbaum and Zachary Russell - CSHS


3D Animation Team

  • 2nd Place:  Brandon Becker & Allison Shaffer - AMCHS

3D Imaging and Animation Technical Test

  • 3rd Place:  Jonathan Eisenrich - CSHS

3D Animation Project & Illustrations

  • Best of Show:  3D animation individual:  Jared Lascurain - AMCHS

  • Best of Show:  3D animation group: John Voelker, Logan Reynolds, Jullian Flores - AMCHS

  • Best of Show:  3D Rendered Still:  Erica Branham - AMCHS

  • Superior Rating:  3D animation multiple: Brandon Becker & Allison Shafer - AMCHS

  • Superior Rating:  3D rendered still: Kyle Krusekopf - AMCHS

  • Superior Rating:  3D rendered still:  Josey Meyers - AMCHS

  • Superior Rating:  2D Illustration: Jiang Watts  - AMCHS

  • Superior Rating:  2D Illustration: Logan Reynolds - AMCHS

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

  • 2nd Place:  Matthew Barodeau, Patrick Diaz - AMCHS

Applied Engineering

  • 2nd Place:  John Paul Whiteacre, John Primrose, Kevin Sanchez, Kelly Krenek - AMCHS

Cabinetry Projects

  • Superior Rating:  Travis Bettiol and Patrick Clouston - CSHS

  • Superior Rating:  Connor Joseph & Wyatt Bishop - CSHS

  • Superior Rating:  Samantha Villalobos - CSHS

Computer Maintenance Technical Information Test

  • Silver Medal:  Christopher Manness - AMCHS

  • Bronze Medal:  Matthew Barondeau - AMCHS

Computer Maintenance Computer Case Mod Projects

  • Superior Rating:  Team: Nabhan Riaz, Brandon Zhao, Max Ruggerio, William Nguyen - AMCHS

  • Superior Rating:  Team: Sam Suh, Gunnar Andrus, Ross Romero - AMCHS

  • Superior Rating:  Team: Diego Espina, Jose Chavez, Jordan Gantt - AMCHS

  • Superior Rating:  Team: Carson Fink, Westin Reasons, Chris Manness - AMCHS

Computer Programming

  • 2nd Place:  Ashika Verma - CSHS

Photography Technical Information Test

  • Silver Medal:  Kent Klein - AMCHS

Principles of Technology

  • Bronze Medal:  Dan Hung - CSHS

Video Projects

  • Best of Show:  Bailey Payne - CSHS

  • Superior Rating:  Amy Thompson & Luke Martinez - CSHS

  • Superior Rating:  Chloe Bell & Anne Folloso - CSHS

  • Superior Rating:  Chris Greening & John King - CSHS

  • Superior Rating:  Dani Guzman & Anna Batson - CSHS

  • Superior Rating:  Jason Gade & Kent Klein - AMCHS

  • Superior Rating:  Ryan Brauer & Charly Allison - AMCHS

  • Superior Rating:  Tom Lopez & Alejandra Fajardo - AMCHS

  • Superior Rating:  Libby Davis - AMCHS

  • Superior Rating:  Ras Goodwyn - AMCHS

  • Superior Rating:  Lindsey Alford & Jax Saunders - AMCHS

  • Superior Rating:  Bryce Huebner - AMCHS

  • Excellent Rating:  Zach Russell & Mark Mackey - CSHS

  • Excellent Rating:  Jordan Bratcher - CSHS

  • Excellent Rating:  Rebeca Cruz - CSHS

  • Excellent Rating:  Zac Watson & Mic Brown - CSHS

  • Excellent Rating:  Zoe DeBeurs & Brayson Smith - CSHS

Quiz Bowl

  • 2nd Place Team:  Evan Bendiksen, Carson Fink, David Holbrook, Shreya Shankar, Phillip Dusold - AMCHS

Technical Computer Applications Technical Information Test

  • Bronze Medal:  Sean Kluver - AMCHS

Television Production Technical Test

  • Bronze Medal:  Zac Watson - CSHS

TV Camera Operator Technical Information Test

  • Silver Medal:  Lindsey Alford - AMCHS

  • Bronze Medal:  Alejandra Fajardo - AMCHS

  • Bronze Medal:  Diego Espina - AMCHS

Web Design Project

  • Superior Rating:  Ryan Feigenbaum - CSHS

The CSHS SkillsUSA coaches are Jason Oualline, Stephen Green, Jill Conlin, and Chris Koym, while Scott Faulk, Barbara Klein, Patrick Powell, and Bart Taylor coach the AMCHS students.


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