TOTAL DOMINATION: CSISD high schools own district UIL academic meet

AMCHS scored an incredible 548.5 points, while CSHS earned an equally-impressive 548 points.  Nine schools competed in the district meet with the third place team scoring 126 points.

AMCHS and CSHS students combined to sweep the top six individual spots in accounting, computer applications, mathematics, prose interpretation and science.  

In addition, the two schools swept the top two team spots in accounting, calculator applications, computer science, current issues, mathematics, science, social studies, and spelling & vocabulary.

In each contest within the UIL academic meet, the top team and top three individuals advance to the regional meet, which will be held on April 25 in Magnolia.


  • 1st Place Team:  AMCHS - Dillon Scarmardo, Neil Wu, Azra Razvi, Hasanain Ali (regionals)

  • 2nd Place Team:  CSHS - Victoria Evans, Collin Lawson, Ali Momin, Falen Williamson


  • 1st Place:  Dillon Scarmardo, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 2nd Place:  Ali Momin, CSHS (regionals)

  • 3rd Place:  Victoria Evans, CSHS (regionals)

  • 4th Place:  Azra Razvi, AMCHS

  • 5th Place:  Falen Williamson, CSHS

  • 6th Place:  Neil Wu, AMCHS

Calculator Applications

  • 1st Place Team:  CSHS - Tony Li, Jiatao Liang, Hongsen Qin, Yingxuan Tan (regionals)

  • 2nd Place Team:  AMCHS - Minha Kim, Steven Wang, Melissa Yang, Shreya Shankar


  • 1st Place:  Jiatao Liang, CSHS (regionals)

  • 2nd Place:  Minha Kim, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 3rd Place:  Stephen Wang, AMCHS (regionals)

  • T4th Place:  Hongsen Qin, CSHS

  • T4th Place:  Yingxuan (Jason) Tan, CSHS

  • 6th Place:  Melissa Yang, AMCHS

Computer Applications


  • 5th Place:  Azra Razvi, AMCHS

  • 6th Place:  Jair Garza, CSHS

Computer Science

  • 1st Place Team:  CSHS - Jiatao Liang, Pablo Villalobos, Ashika Verma, William Chollett (regionals)

  • 2nd Place Team:  AMCHS - Shreya Shankar, Charles Morey, David Wu, Yusha Sun


  • 1st Place:  Jiatao Liang, CSHS (regionals)

  • 2nd Place:  Ashika Verma, CSHS (regionals)

  • 3rd Place:  Shreya Shankar, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 4th Place:  Pablo Villalobos, CSHS

  • 5th Place:  Charles Morey, AMCHS

  • 6th Place:  David Wu, AMCHS

Current Issues

  • 1st Place Team:  AMCHS - Alex Coopersmith, Benjamin Lamb, Eric Pillai, Annie Zhang (regionals)

  • 2nd Place Team:  CSHS - Raaghav Bageshaw, Sebastian DeBuers, Rohit Madhav, Zach Russell

Individuals (regionals)

  • 1st Place:  Alex Coopersmith, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 2nd Place:  Benjamin Lamb, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 3rd Place:  Raaghav Bageshaw, CSHS (regionals)

  • 4th Place:  Sebastian DeBuers, CSHS

Cross Examination Debate


  • 1st Place:  Eric Pillai and Alena Kang-Landsberg, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 2nd Place:  Caroline Coopersmith and Michael Sprintson, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 3rd Place:  James Walker and Jennifer Porter, AMCHS

Editorial Writing


  • 3rd Place:  Stephanie Palazzolo, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 6th Place:  Sydney Garrett, AMCHS

Feature Writing


  • 3rd Place:  Stephanie Palazzolo, AMCHS (regionals)

Headline Writing


  • 1st Place:  Jennifer Zhan, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 2nd Place: Lisa Liu, CSHS (regionals)

  • 5th Place:  Zach Kluver, AMCHS

Informative Speaking


  • 1st Place:  Benjamin Lamb, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 2nd Place:  Delphine Leoue Ngoko Djomo, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 3rd Place:  Brianna Aguilar, CSHS (regionals)

  • 4th Place:  Rohit Madhav, CSHS

  • 5th Place:  Parth Sarin, AMCHS

Lincoln Douglas Debate


  • 1st Place:  Phoebe Fu, CSHS (regionals)

  • 2nd Place:  Cassie He, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 3rd Place:  Kevin Choi, AMCHS (regionals)

Literary Criticism

  • 1st Place Team:  CSHS - Fiona Cohen, Lisa Liu, Riley Park, Samantha Villalobos (regionals)


  • 2nd Place:  Lisa Liu, CSHS (regionals)

  • 4th Place:  Max Russo, AMCHS

  • 5th Place:  Minha Kim, AMCHS


  • 1st Place Team:  CSHS - Byungjun Kim, Jiatao Liang, Hongsen Qin, Eugene Tian (regionals)

  • 2nd Place Team:  AMCHS - Yusha Sun, Brandon ZhaoShreya Shankar, David Wu


  • 1st Place:  Jiatao Liang, CSHS (regionals)

  • 2nd Place:  Hongsen Qin, CSHS (regionals)

  • 3rd Place:  Yusha Sun, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 4th Place:  Brandon Zhao, AMCHS

  • 5th Place:  Byungjun (BJ) Kim, CSHS

  • 6th Place:  Eugene Tian, CSHS

Number Sense

  • 1st Place Team:  CSHS - Byungjun Kim, Jiatao Liang, Tony Li, Eugene Tian (regionals)

  • 2nd Place Team:  AMCHS - Shreya Shankar, Jennifer Zhan, Steven Wang, Melissa Yang


  • 1st Place:  Byungjun (BJ) Kim, CSHS (regionals)

  • 2nd Place:  Shreya Shankar, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 3rd Place:  Jennifer Zhan, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 4th Place:  Eugene Tian, CSHS

  • 6th Place:  Stephen Wang, AMCHS

News Writing


  • 1st Place:  Alex Miller, CSHS (regionals)

  • 4th Place:  Annie Zhang, AMCHS

  • 6th Place:  Stephanie Palazzolo, AMCHS

Persuasive Speaking


  • 1st Place:  Karna Venkatraj, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 2nd Place:  Marley Hays, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 3rd Place:  Kevin Choi, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 4th Place:  Danna Bader, CSHS

  • 5th Place:  Julie Potrykus, CSHS

Poetry Interpretation


  • 1st Place:  Danna Bader, CSHS (regionals)

  • 2nd Place:  Ariel Simien, CSHS (regionals)

  • 3rd Place:  Alexis Girouard, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 4th Place:  Maria Sottile, AMCHS

  • 5th Place:  Grace Manuel, AMCHS

Prose Interpretation


  • 1st Place:  Seth Fegan, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 2nd Place:  Samira Islam-Mina, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 3rd Place:  Megan Clark-Tchen, CSHS (regionals)

  • 4th Place:  Taylor Palmer, CSHS

  • 5th Place:  Hannah Hildebrandt, AMCHS

  • 6th Place:  Bryson Greenwood, CSHS

Ready Writing

  • 1st Place:  Merusha Mukherjee, CSHS (regionals)

  • 4th Place:  Fiona Cohen, CSHS


  • 1st Place Team:  CSHS - William Chollett, Jiatao Liang, Hongsen Qin, Tony Li, Merusha Mukherjee, Yingxuan Tan (regionals)

  • 2nd Place Team:  AMCHS - Anik Banerjee, Shreya Shankar, Yusha Sun, Steven Wang, David Wu


  • 1st Place:  Jiatao Liang, CSHS (regionals)

  • 2nd Place:  Yusha Sun, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 3rd Place:  Yingxuan (Jason) Tan, CSHS (regionals)

  • 4th Place:  Hongsen Qin, CSHS

  • 5th Place:  William Chollett, CSHS

  • 6th Place:  Tony Li, CSHS

  • Top Biology Jiatao Liang, CSHS

  • Top Chemistry Student (Tie) Yusha Sun, AMCHS and Yingxuan (Jason) Tan, CSHS

  • Top Physics Student: Yusha Sun, AMCHS

Social Studies

  • 1st Place Team:  CSHS - Jamie Roberman, Omar Al-Douri, Lucas Chollett, Zach Russell (regionals)

  • 2nd Place Team:  AMCHS - Alex Coopersmith, Haley Mitchell, Sebastian Tchakerian, John Paul Whiteacre


  • 1st Place:  Jamie Roberman, CSHS (regionals)

  • 2nd Place:  Alex Coopersmith, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 3rd Place:  Omar Al-Douri, CSHS (regionals)

  • 4th Place:  Lucas Chollett, CSHS

Spelling and Vocabulary

  • 1st Place Team:  CSHS - Ellen Wang, Diana Hajali, Teshan Fernando, Gian Carlo Lingan (regionals)

  • 2nd Place Team:  AMCHS - Sujay Shankar, Alena Kang-Landsberg, Kevin Sanchez, Jennifer Zhan


  • 1st Place:  Sujay Shankar, AMCHS (regionals)

  • 2nd Place:  Ellen Wang, CSHS (regionals)

  • 3rd Place:  Diana Hajali, CSHS (regionals)

  • 6th Place:  Teshan Fernando, CSHS

Overall, AMCHS had the first place speech team and second place journalism team, while CSHS had the second place speech team.

CSISD UIL academic students are coached by:

  • Casey Akin, CSHS - Science

  • Jamie Bassett, AMCHS and CSHS - Calculator, Math, and Number Sense

  • Terri Casto, AMCHS - Spelling and Vocabulary

  • Mary Beth Duff, CSHS - Computer Applications

  • April Falco, CSHS - Current Issues

  • Kathy Fisher, AMCHS - Accounting and Computer Applications

  • Chad Lehrmann, CSHS - Speech and Debate

  • Yvette Mora, AMCHS - Science

  • Daniel Posey, AMCHS - Literary Criticism and Ready Writing

  • Dianne Rister, AMCHS and CSHS - Computer Science

  • Roy Rodriguez, AMCHS - Current Issue and Speech and Debate

  • Molly Sanders, CSHS - Social Studies

  • Heather Strawn, CSHS - Spelling and Vocabulary, Prose and Poetry

  • Courtney Wellmann, CSHS - Journalism, Literary Criticism and Ready Writing

  • Mike Williams, AMCHS - Journalism (Editorial, Feature, Headline, and News)

  • April Wilson, AMCHS - Social Studies

  • Kelly Yates, CSHS - Accounting


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