April CSISD Board Workshop/Meeting Recap

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April CSISD Board Workshop/Meeting Recap

Note:  This is an overview of some of the items on the March board workshop and meeting agendas.  This recap does not include every item on the agendas.  Official meeting minutes will be made available on www.csisd.org following approval at the May board meeting.  

COLLEGE STATION , Texas – The College Station ISD Board of Trustees met Tuesday, April 21.  The following discussions and actions are of note.


2015-16 Budget:  The Board of Trustees continued discussing the 2015-16 budget.  Administrators reviewed the budget assumptions that were used for this first budget run.  Revenue projections were conservatively based on a 4% enrollment increase and a 4% property value increase.

The statewide school funding cuts in 2011 reduced the district’s available revenue approximately $5.5 million per year.  CSISD has addressed the shortfall with a combination of budget reductions and the adoption of annual deficit budgets.  Each year, the deficit has been compensated for by the district’s fund balance, or savings account, and each year the actual year-end deficit has been lower than adopted.

This month, budget projections show an approximate $3.4 million deficit for the 2015-16 school year, which is down from a projected $3.7 million deficit last month.  An adopted budget deficit would be covered by the district’s roughly $30 million fund balance.

Budget work will continue throughout the spring and summer and the CSISD Board of Trustees will adopt a budget and set the tax rate at the August 2015 meeting.

2013 Bond Update:  In November 2013, the voters of CSISD approved the sale of $83.5 million in bonds.  Several projects were identified in the 2013 bond package.  Mr. Theo Rouse, CSISD Coordinator of Construction, gave the board an update on the state of the projects associated with the 2013 bond package.

  • School Safety Upgrades - $3.9 million - Security vestibules have been completed at AMCMS, CSMS, Cypress Grove, Southwood Valley, and Pebble Creek.  All CSISD school now have security vestibules.

  • Center for Alternative Learning (College View High School) - $15.5 million - Construction is underway at the location which formerly housed the College Station Conference Center.  The move-in date for College View High School, Venture, and LEAP campuses is scheduled for December 2015.

  • Elementary No. 9 (Spring Creek Elementary) - $20 million - Construction is underway and the move-in date is scheduled for June 2015.

  • New Purchasing and Warehouse Center - $7.5 million - In the process of obtaining a building permit from the City of College Station.  Move-in is scheduled for December 2015.

  • A&M Consolidated High School Renovations - $3.5 million - Construction is currently underway on the areas outside of the existing building.  The renovations are scheduled to be completed this summer and include, a new athletics lobby outside the competition gym, replace old sports court with a wood floor, upgrade finishes in locker rooms and restrooms, and replacement of old athletic lockers.

  • Renovate and Repurpose Current Warehouse and Purchasing Building - $6.5 million - Design work is currently underway.  This project will likely be a sequence of smaller projects processed back-to-back until completion.  The primary scope of the project includes, relocation of the district’s primary data server room, increasing meeting and office space, and increasing restroom space.

  • Deferred Maintenance - $12 million - Several deferred maintenance projects have already been completed including, Rock Prairie and Creek View renovations, South Knoll partial re-roof, South Knoll gym air conditioning replacement, AMCHS chiller replacement, AMCHS baseball and softball renovations, Rock Prairie air conditioner coil replacement, and Rock Prairie boiler replacement.  Additionally, the following projects are yet to be completed: correct CSMS crawl space and drainage issues, Rock Prairie painting, South Knoll window replacement, correct Oakwood grading and concrete paving issues, replace CSMS boiler, AMCMS HVAC work, among other smaller projects.

  • Technology - $6.1 million - Several purchases of laptops computers, desktop computers, iPads, security cameras, public address systems, server upgrades have been processed.

  • Buses and Vehicles - $3 million - Purchased 30 buses and two box trucks.

  • Land Acquisition - $5.5 million - CSISD is in the process of locating and acquiring land for future construction needs.

2015 Bond Refinancing Update:  At the March meeting, the board authorized Frost Bank to refinance more than $47 million of existing bonds which had an interest rate of 4.78%.   On April 8, Frost Bank executed the refinance and achieved an interest rate of 2.24%, which will save the district and taxpayers more than $4.7 million over the remaining term of the bonds.  The terms of the bond were not extended to achieve these savings.


Approval of District Improvement Plan:  Each year, the CSISD District Educational Improvement Council, or DEIC, has the responsibility of recommending the District Improvement Plan to the Board.  The DEIC - comprised of parents, business leaders, community members, teachers and administrators - met to review data a feedback related to student performance, educational practices, parental involvement, and safe learning environments in order to comprise the plan.  

Earlier this year, the board approved a new set of goals and objectives representing the district’s emphasis on the 3 C’s (choice, customization, and creativity) and the 3 R’s (rigor, relevance, and relationships).  Since that time, DEIC has met and unanimously approved the plan.

The recommended plan was adopted by the Board and can be seen by clicking the following link.

LINK: CSISD District Improvement Plan

Purchases/Bid Approvals:

  • Approved the purchase of audio/visual equipment for Spring Creek Elementary from Avinext for $248,728 from 2013 bond funds.

  • Approved the purchase of classroom audio enhancement systems for Spring Creek Elementary from Avinext for $64,140 from 2013 bond funds.

  • Approved the purchase of network switches and infrastructure for Spring Creek Elementary from Avinext for $67,835 from 2013 bond funds.

  • Approved the purchase of 48 HP computer workstations for the College Station High School Graphic Design and Animation Labs from Avinext for $88,320 from career and technology funds.

  • Approved the purchase of public address system for Spring Creek Elementary from Firetron, Inc., for $62,876.77 from 2013 bond funds.

  • Approved the purchase of a special needs bus from Longhorn Bus Sales for $94,895 from Special Services Federal Program funds.

Guaranteed Maximum Price for work associated with College Station Middle School and Rock Prairie Elementary deferred maintenance projects:  The board approved the guaranteed maximum price for the work associated with College Station Middle School and Rock Prairie Elementary deferred maintenance projects.  

At College Station Middle School, projects include:

  • demolition of some existing concrete paving

  • regrading of topsoil

  • installation of new storm drainage components

  • new concrete paving

  • installation of irrigation and grass sod

At Rock Prairie Elementary School, projects include:

  • removal of vinyl wall covering on exterior walls

  • repainting of walls

  • replacement of mini-blinds

  • replacement of window sills

This project is part of the $83.5 million bond approved by the voters in November 2013. The guaranteed maximum price from Joeris General Contractors obtained through a competitive sealed proposal process is $1,934,978.  The total project budget is $2,445,085, which is $304,914 below the project planning amount.


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