CSISD choir students earn top marks in state solo and ensemble contest

Headlining the CSISD performers were Randy Westmoreland (AMCHS) and Mitchell Bradford (CSHS), who were selected as two of the approximately 300 “outstanding soloists.”  Judges select this elite group from more than 16,000 performers.

The 30 students combined to earn the following 35 citations at the contest.

Ensemble Division I Rating (Superior):

  • Kristen Akin, AMCHS
  • Michelle Lane, AMCHS
  • Kaylee Kipp, AMCHS
  • Maddie Miller, AMCHS
  • Kathleen Stipe, AMCMS
  • Kasha Wann, AMCHS
  • Jason Jasperson, AMCHS
  • Bryson Bounds, AMCHS
  • Brenna Briles, AMCHS
  • Erica Petersen, AMCHS
  • Marissa McShane, AMCHS
  • Derrick Elder, AMCHS

Solo Division I Rating (Superior):

  • Mitchell Bradford, CSHS
  • Kierstin Fallon, CSHS
  • Nour Hilal, AMCHS
  • Jason Jasperson, AMCHS
  • Clarissa Parulian, CSHS
  • Alyssa Ryan, CSHS
  • Kamrin Thornton, AMCHS
  • Randy Westmoreland, AMCHS
  • Paige Wiggins, CSHS

Solo Division II Rating (Excellent):

  • Aranza Barrenechea Pena, AMCHS
  • Derrick Elder, AMCHS
  • Carson Grom, CSHS
  • Ryan Herriage, CSHS
  • Eden Horn, CSHS
  • Kaylee Kipp, AMCHS
  • Marissa McShane, AMCHS
  • Aly Sams, CSHS
  • Janisah Saripada, AMCHS
  • Kylee Shipp, AMCHS
  • Brianna Soltis, CSHS
  • Kasha Wann, AMCHS

Solo Division III Rating:

  • Jace Isham, CSHS
  • Laura Williford, CSHS

Kearby Etheridge directs the CSHS choir, while Travis Angel is choir director for AMCHS.


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