40 CSISD BPA students advance to state

Eight students also placed in the top six in open events.  Students are given an exam for the open events and any and all students can participate.  There is no advancement to state in the open events category.

In addition, several students and teams are alternates should a qualifier not be able to attend.  

During the conference portion of the event, Hailey Norris, a sophomore at A&M Consolidated, was elected the 2016 Region 3 Area 2 President.

Individual event state qualifiers:

  • Administrative Support Research - Dan Hung (CSHS)
  • Advanced Interview Skills - Sadiq Iqbal (CSHS)
  • Advanced Spreadsheet Applications - Ruhee Charolia (AMCHS)
  • Advanced Word Processing - Mark Cahill (CSHS), Lamya Elnihum (AMCHS)
  • Banking and Finance - Judy Zhou (CSHS)
  • C++ Programming - Ben Porter (CSHS), Steven Wang (AMCHS), David Wu (AMCHS)
  • Extemporaneous Speech - Phoebe Fu (CSHS)
  • Fundamental Accounting - Victoria Evans (CSHS), Arzoo Maknojia (AMCHS), Matthew Manley (AMCHS)
  • Fundamental Desktop Publishing - Maddie Miller (AMCHS)
  • Fundamentals of Web Design - Katie Gray (AMCHS)
  • Fundamental Word Processing - Camryn Riggins (CSHS)
  • Database Applications - Allyson Fisher (AMCHS)
  • Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications - Sarah Kassam (AMCHS), Hailey Norris (AMCHS)
  • Human Resource Management - Nooran Riaz (AMCHS)
  • Intermediate Word Processing - Sarah Yao (CSHS)
  • Java Programming - Shiva Saravanan (AMCHS), Yusha Sun (AMCHS), Ashika Verma (CSHS)
  • Medical Office Procedures - Charlie McKenzie (AMCHS)
  • Payroll Accounting - Matthew Sims (AMCHS), Shelly Zhou (AMCHS)
  • Prepared Speech - Yanichka Ariunbold (AMCHS)
  • Presentation Management - Jonathan Masabni (CSHS)

Team event state qualifiers:

  • Economic Research Project Team - AMCHS (Charlie McKenzie, Patrick Sorescu, Yusha Sun, Steven Wang)
  • Financial Analyst Team - AMCHS (Lamya Elnihum, Alexander Ober, David Wu, Shelly Zhou)
  • Global Marketing Team - AMCHS (Yanichka Ariunbold, Nour Hilal, Nooran Riaz), AMCHS (Wendy Wen, Irene Hsieh, Jennifer Wu, Aranza Barrenechea-Pena)
  • Small Business Management Team - AMCHS (Matthew Manley, Zain Marediya), CSHS (Mariano Binda, Sadiq Iqbal, Taha Rahman, Camryn Riggins)
  • Website Design Team - CSHS (Ashika Verma, Elmira Adili, Ben Porter)

State alternates:

  • Economic Research - Azaan Jamal (CSHS)
  • Entrepreneurship - Wendy Wen (AMCHS)
  • Fundamental Accounting - Arwa Lakhani (AMCHS)
  • Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications - Aaron Calliham (CSHS)      
  • Graphic Design Promotion - Mitchell Kuppersmith (AMCHS)
  • Human Resource Management - Charles McBride (CSHS)
  • Interview Skills - Brandon Fortner (CSHS)
  • Presentation Management Individual - Dania Barrenechea-Vela (AMCHS)
  • Presentation Management Team - AMCHS (Hailey Norris, Katie Gray, Matthew Sims)
  • Small Business Team - AMCHS (Alexi Force, Insasha Lee)

Open events:

Financial Math and Analysis

  • Alexander Ober, AMCHS - 1st Place
  • Shelly Zhou, AMCHS - 3rd Place
  • David Wu, AMCHS - 4th Place

Administrative Support Concepts

  • Hailey Norris, AMCHS - 5th Place

Computer Programming Concepts

  • Steven Wang, AMCHS - 1st Place
  • David Wu, AMCHS - 3rd Place

Information Technology Concepts

  • Katie Gray, AMCHS - 4th Place

Business Meeting Management Concepts

  • Hailey Norris, AMCHS - 5th Place

Management/Marketing/ Human Resources Concepts

  • Hailey Norris, AMCHS - 2nd Place
  • Charlie McKenzie, AMCHS - 5th Place
  • Insasha Lee, AMCHS - 6th Place

Parliamentary Procedures Concepts

  • Hailey Norris, AMCHS - 2nd Place
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