Five BPA students advance to nationals

The students earned the trip to the national conference in Boston in May by placing at the state contest in Corpus Christi.

In addition to the favorable contest results, several CSISD students received other recognitions at the event.

Victoria Evans (CSHS) was one of 14 students awarded a $1,000 Texas BPA scholarship, while Nooran Riaz (AMCHS) was awarded a Torch Award at the Special Recognition Award Reception for leadership and service to her chapter and community.

Individual event national qualifiers

  • Victoria Evans, CSHS:  Payroll Accounting
  • Katie Gray, AMCHS: Fundamentals of Web Design
  • Yusha Sun, AMCHS: Java Programming
  • Steven Wang, AMCHS:  C++ Programming
  • Judy Zhou, CSHS:  Banking & Finance

Individual event national alternate

  • Yanichka Ariunbold, AMCHS: Prepared Speech
  • Phoebe Fu, CSHS:  Extemporaneous Speech -- Phoebe Fu, National Alternate
  • Dan Hung,CSHS:  Administrative Support Research Project
  • Matthew Manley, AMCHS:  Fundamental Accounting
  • David Wu, AMCHS: C++ Programming

Team event national alternate

  • Economic Research Project Team: (AMCHS) Charlie McKenzie, Patrick Sorescu, Yusha Sun, Steven Wang
  • Financial Analyst Team: (AMCHS) Lamya Elnihum, Alexander Ober, David Wu, Shelly Zhou

Open Events

     Steven Wang, AMCHS: 2nd Place in Computer Programming Concepts

Several students played a part in the organization and execution of the event, also.

As the Area BPA President, Hailey Norris (AMCHS) performed many leadership duties throughout the conference, while AMCHS students Allyson Fisher, Katie Gray, Matthew Manley, Zain Marediya and Maddie Miller volunteered for various jobs at the conference earning experience in public relations, meeting planning, leadership and team building.


Terri Casto, Kathy Fisher, and Dianne Rister are BPA sponsors for AMCHS, while Dennis Rhodes is the sponsor for CSHS.


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