CSISD students win state at French Symposium

Consol, competing in the small-school division, beat 20 other schools to claim the state title, and placed second in the overall competition among 41 competing schools.


Individually, Consol students Yanichka Ariunbold placed eighth, Jackson Hall placed 12th, and Haoyi Wu placed 14th out of the 893 students who participated.


This statewide competition tests students in French language and cultural categories and requires them to perform at a variety of speaking, musical and artistic events.


The following students and groups placed:


Group Events


Advanced Drama Group

  • 2nd place - Marley Hays, Maria Sottile, Kay Watson, Hans Sapo, Dania Vela, Haoyi Wu, Jonathan Chapman, Mercy McGee (AMCHS)


  • 3rd Place - Alena Kang-Landsberg, Jackson Hall, Madison Huff, Selena Li (AMCHS)

Instrumental Group

  • 3rd place - Maria Sottile, Kay Watson, Cassie He, Haoyi Wu (AMCHS)

Beginning Drama Group

  • 4th place - Carlos Trejo, Elizabeth Choi, Jacob Cote, Adrianne Torres, Austin Wharton, Indianna Manley, Emily Li, Ludy Lu (AMCHS)

Vocal Group

  • 4th place - Danna Bader, Emily Brown, Kathryn Cole, Lydia Wagner, Elizabeth Kellstedt (CSHS)
  • 6th place - Josh Hart, Jackson Hall, Chloe Merkel (AMCHS)

Individual Events


Level Experienced

  • Kenji Blum (AMCHS) - 3rd place Drama Solo
  • Alexander Ober (AMCHS) - 3rd place Comic Strip, 1st place Dictée, 2nd place Grammar Test, 3rd place Listening Test, 2nd place Piano Solo, 3rd place Poetry, 4th place Sight Reading, 6th place Vocabulary
  • Hans Sapo (AMCHS) - 3rd place Comic Strip, 1st place Drama Solo

Level 5/6

  • Yanichka Ariunbold (AMCHS) - 8th OVERALL, 2nd place Comic Strip, 2nd place Civilization Test, 5th place Dictée, 3rd place Drama Solo, 6th place Poetry, 1st place Sight Reading, 3rd place Vocabulary Test
  • Jonathan Chapman (AMCHS) - 2nd place Comic Strip, 4th place Drama Solo, 5th place Poetry, 5th place Sight Reading
  • Matthew Smalley (CSHS) - 6th place Listening Skills, 6th place Sight Reading

Level 4

  • Marley Hays (AMCHS) - 6th place Civilization Test, 1st place Drama Solo, 4th place Guided Speaking, 1st place Prose
  • Alena Kang- Landsberg (AMCHS) - 5th place Civilization Test, 1st place Listening Test, 3rd place Vocabulary Test
  • Maria Sottile (AMCHS) - 5th place Poetry, 6th place 3D Art Work
  • Kay Watson (AMCHS) - 6th place Guided Speaking, 5th place Charcoal Art, 4th place Prose
  • Haoyi Wu (AMCHS) - 14th OVERALL, 5th place Drama Solo, 6th place Poetry, 6th place Sight Reading, 2nd place Vocabulary Test

Level 3

  • Danna Bader (CSHS) - 1st place Poetry, 2nd place Guided Speaking, 4th place Project
  • Emily Brown (CSHS) - 4th place Grammar Test
  • Lucas Chollett (CSHS) - 5th place Dictée
  • Jackson Hall (AMCHS) - 12th OVERALL, 2nd place Dictée, 3rd place Grammar Test, 6th place Poetry, 5th place Sight Reading, 2nd place Vocabulary Test
  • Cassie He (AMCHS) - 4th place Drama Solo
  • Catarina Hurtado (AMCHS) - 4th place Comic Strip, 5th place Instrumental Solo, 6th place Prose, 4th place Vocabulary Test
  • Kylan Lewis (AMCHS) - 4th place Comic Strip
  • Yiannis Pistikopoulos (CSHS) - 5th place Grammar Test
  • Dania Vela (AMCHS) - 4th place Sight Reading
  • Lydia Wagner (CSHS) - 6th place Sight Reading

Level 2

  • Jacob Cote (AMCHS) - 3rd place Grammar Test, 4th place Poetry
  • Madison Huff (AMCHS) - 1st place Comic Strip
  • Emily Li (AMCHS) - 1st place Comic Strip
  • GC Lingan (CSHS) - 1st place Sight Reading, 4th place Listening Test, 6th place Poetry, 6th place Vocabulary Test

Level 1

  • Olivia Conway (AMCHS) - 3rd place Dictée, 6th place Civilization Test
  • Taryn Hairston (CSHS) - 6th place Piano Solo
  • Selena Li (AMCHS) - 2nd place Grammar Test, 4th place Guided Speaking, 6th place Listening Test, 1st place Vocabulary Test, 4th place Comic Strip
  • Jonathan Masabni (CSHS) - 4th place Listening Test
  • Chloe Merkel (AMCHS) -  1st place Drama Solo, 2nd place Prose
  • Adrianne Torres (AMCHS) - 6th place Prose, 4th place Comic Strip
  • Carlos Trejo (AMCHS) - 4th place Grammar Test

Maria Landry is the French teacher and coach at AMCHS, while Susan Baillie coaches and teaches the French students at CSHS.

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