CSISD newspaper staffers among best in Texas

Only 23 scholastic newspapers in Texas received a gold, silver or bronze award, placing both CSISD newspapers in the top five percent in the state.

Along with the high overall rankings, both staffs racked up individual awards.  

Rachel Grant (CSHS) won “Tops in Texas” for Newspaper Headlines, while AMCHS’s Annie Zhang and Stephanie Palazzolo earned “Tops in Texas” for their in-depth news/feature story.  A panel of judges selects only one student from the first place winners in classifications 1A through 6A, whose work exemplifies the top, or best, in the state.

Other individual winners included:

  • Yanichka Ariunbold (AMCHS): honorable mention, news feature; second place, personal column; honorable mention, online news feature; third place, online sports feature;
  • Vi Burgess (AMCHS): honorable mention, news writing; honorable mention, news feature; honorable mention, personal opinion column; honorable mention, opinion portfolio; first and second place, online infographic/sidebar; first place, online sports action photo
  • Fiona Cohen (CSHS): second place, news writing
  • Alina Dhanani (CSHS): third place, in-depth news/feature package
  • Olivia Garrett (AMCHS): first place, personal column; second place, online entertainment photo
  • Maya Girimaji (AMCHS): honorable mention, online sports feature photo
  • Rachel Grant (CSHS): second place, entertainment review; second place, feature page design; third place, entertainment page design; second place, news page design; third place, general news photo; honorable mention, feature photo; honorable mention, sports action photo; first place, headlines
  • June Jeong (AMCHS): third place, personal opinion column
  • AJ Jones (CSHS): second place, news feature
  • Zach Kluver (AMCHS): first place, online entertainment feature
  • Amelia Kurk (CSHS): third place, page one design
  • Kayla Kurmaskie (CSHS): honorable mention, editorial page designLisa Liu (CSHS): first place, computer art; second place and third place, double truck design; second place, infographic/sidebar; second place, news feature; third place, in-depth news/feature package; third place, feature page design; first place, entertainment photo
  • Rachel Lamb (AMCHS): second place, in-depth news/feature story
  • Alex Miller (CSHS): second place, entertainment review; first place and honorable mention, sports news writing; third place, sports page design; third place, sports column
  • Haley Mitchell (AMCHS): first place, online personal column; first and second place, online infographic/sidebar; first place, online feature photo; honorable mention, online entertainment photo; first place, online sports action photo; honorable mention, online sports feature photo
  • Stephanie Palazzolo (AMCHS): first place, in-depth news/feature story; honorable mention, online portrait
  • Anna Solcher (CSHS): honorable mention, opinion portfolio; third place, in-depth news/feature package
  • Cella Siegelman (CSHS): third place, cartoon
  • Jennifer Zhan (AMCHS): honorable mention, online sports feature photo
  • Annie Zhang (AMCHS): honorable mention, sports feature; first and second place, in-depth news/feature story; second place, entertainment page design; first place, online personal opinion column
  • AMCHS staff: first place, home page design; second place, online headlines
  • CSHS staff: third place, nameplate/folios/standing heads

Michael Williams and Chauncey Lindner are newspaper advisors at Consol, while Courtney Wellmann and Teresa Laffin advise the staff at CSHS.


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