CSISD FFA teams advance to state

The CSHS Ag Sales, Floriculture and Meats Evaluation team, along with AMCHS’s Ag Mechanics and Wildlife team will represent their school at the state career development events contest.

Career Development Events build on what is learned in agricultural classes and encourage members to put their knowledge into practice. These events are designed to help a member prepare for a career in agriculture by testing and challenging the student's technical, leadership, interpersonal and teamwork skills as well as their knowledge of the subject matter.

A complete list of CSISD results is below:

Ag Mechanics

  • * AMCHS Team - 2nd Place, Advancing to State (Tyler Reim, Ian Tremblay, Noah Langley, Weston Bishop)

Ag Sales

  • * CSHS Team - no area qualifying contest - Advancing to State (Kaytlyn Livingston, Courtney McGee, Dylan Schulze, and Shannon Gaines)

Farm Business Management

  • CSHS Team - 14th Place (Shelby VanDeFlier, McKenna Dudley, Brittny Hurd, and McKenna Merritt)


  • * CSHS Team - 9th Place - Advancing to State (Kassidy McCabe 13th High Point Individual, Suzanna Borchgardt 15th High Point Individual, and Kaitlen Suba Johnson)
  • AMCHS Team - 19th Place (Payton James, Madi Phillips, Macie Cannon, Rebecca Almond)

Horse Judging

  • AMCHS Team - 39th Place (Haley Groff, Haley Gray, Madison Griffin)

Livestock Judging

  • AMCHS Team - 59th in Area (Amanda Zalmanek, Emily McCleary, Jacob Hanson, Emily McCleary)

Meats Evaluation

  • * CSHS Team - 3rd Place - Advancing to State (Alyssa Roach 3rd High Point Individual, Lindsey Rogers 7th High Point Individual, Bradley Dorsett 17th High Individual)

Nursery Landscape

  • CSHS Team - 11th Place (Hannah Murphy, Seth Russell, and Sheri Humphrey)


  • AMCHS Team - 13th Place (Katie Woodworth, Payton McGinnis, Tara Hennigar, Kristen Akin)
  • CSHS Team - 26th Place (Preston Bunner, Garret Wilson, Tara Soto, and Khrystean Poole)

Vet Science

  • AMCHS Team (Meredith Poling, Kirsten Bynum, Ashley Griffin, Madison Griffin)


  • * AMCHS Team - 6th Place - Advancing to State (Ian Tremblay 3rd High Point Individual, Tyler Reim 19th High Point Individual, Noah Langley, Aaron Crum
  • CSHS Team - 22nd Place (Julie Jordan, Westin Bomnskie, Katie Dyer, and Jessica Praytor)


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