High school choir, band and orchestra students earn 80 awards at state contest

In all, 74 students earned 80 “Superior” or “Excellent” ratings in solo and ensemble categories.
Ratings are based on a judge’s evaluation of their performance.  Judges include college and professional musicians.  
AMCHS students Isabela Cruz Vespa (Flute), Micaiah Rodgers (choir), and Hannah Chang (violin) were designated as Outstanding Performers in the competition.  Each solo judge may designate exemplary soloists as Outstanding Performers.

Band results

  • Hailey Alvarez, CSHS: Flute - Excellent Rating
  • Isabela Cruz-Vespa, AMCHS: Piano - Superior Rating; Flute - Superior Rating (TSSEC Outstanding Performer)
  • Nick Farmer, AMCHS: Horn - Excellent Rating
  • Aubrey Hay, AMCHS: Horn - Excellent Rating
  • Catarina Hurtado, AMCHS: Flute - Excellent Rating
  • Jang Soo Lee, CSHS: French - Excellent Rating
  • Zach Nea, CSHS: Keyboard Percussion - Superior Rating
  • Davis Ponjuan, CSHS: B-Flat Clarinet - Superior Rating
  • Sydney Pospech, CSHS: Keyboard Percussion - Excellent Rating
  • Jacob Speakman, AMCHS: Horn - Excellent Rating
  • Nathan Speakman, AMCHS: Piano - Excellent Rating
  • Jamey Walker, AMCHS: Horn - Superior Rating
  • Rebekah Walker, AMCHS: Flute - Excellent Rating

Choir results

  • Adia Alford, CSHS: Excellent Rating
  • Madisyn Bowden, CSHS: Superior Rating
  • Mitchell Bradford, CSHS: Excellent Rating
  • Brenna Briles, AMCHS: Superior Rating
  • Emily Brown, CSHS: Excellent Rating
  • Cody Brummett, AMCHS: Excellent Rating
  • Mark Derecho, CSHS: Excellent Rating
  • Hannah Franke, CSHS: Excellent Rating
  • Carsen Grom, CSHS: Superior Rating
  • Emily Hammond, CSHS: Excellent Rating
  • Luke Hart, AMCHS: Superior Rating
  • Ryan Herriage, CSHS: Excellent Rating
  • Nour Hilal, AMCHS: Superior Rating
  • Eden Horn, CSHS: Superior Rating
  • Jason Jasperson, AMCHS: Excellent Rating
  • Kaylee Kipp, AMCHS: Superior Rating
  • Lauren Klaus, CSHS: Excellent Rating
  • Emma Krajicek, CSHS: Superior Rating
  • Marissa McShane, AMCHS: Superior Rating
  • Natiana Nation, AMCHS: Excellent Rating
  • Cielo Perez, CSHS: Excellent Rating
  • Erica Petersen, AMCHS: Excellent Rating
  • Jessica Rambo, CSHS: Excellent Rating
  • Micaiah Rodgers, AMCHS: Superior Rating (TSSEC Outstanding Performer)
  • Jack Rosamond, CSHS: Excellent Rating
  • Kylee Shipp, AMCHS: Excellent Rating
  • Brianna Soltis, CSHS: Excellent Rating
  • Katie Wall, AMCHS: Superior Rating

Orchestra results

  • Noor Bains, AMCHS: Cello - Excellent Rating
  • Vi Burgess, AMCHS: Violin - Excellent Rating
  • Maddie Byrd, CSHS: Piano - Excellent Rating
  • Mark Cahill, CSHS: Viola - Excellent Rating
  • Hannah Chang, AMCHS: Violin - Superior Rating (TSSEC Outstanding Performer)
  • Logan Childs, AMCHS: Viola - Superior Rating
  • Dana Choe, AMCHS: Violin - Superior Rating
  • Yaxin Duan, CSHS: Piano - Superior Rating
  • Jason Fan, CSHS: Violin - Excellent Rating; String Quartet - Superior Rating
  • Teshan Fernando, CSHS: Cello - Excellent Rating
  • Christine Han, CSHS: Cello - Superior Rating
  • Byungjun Kim, CSHS: Cello - Superior Rating
  • Grace Kim, CSHS: Cello - Excellent Rating
  • Phillip Kim, CSHS: Violin - Excellent Rating
  • Arjun Krishnamoorthi, CSHS: Violin - Excellent Rating
  • Jackson Lacey, AMCHS: Violin - Excellent Rating
  • Selena Li, AMCHS: Piano - Superior Rating; Cello - Excellent Rating
  • Susan Nam, CSHS: Cello - Superior Rating
  • Anastasia Nekrashevych, CSHS: Piano - Excellent Rating
  • Elizabeth Palazzolo, AMCHS: Piano - Superior Rating
  • Stephanie Palazzolo, AMCHS: Piano - Superior Rating
  • Isaiah Roa, CSHS: Violin - Superior Rating
  • Kyra Roa, CSHS: Violin - Excellent Rating
  • Mary Shandley, CSHS: Violin - Excellent Rating
  • Derek Song, CSHS: Violin - Superior Rating
  • Daniel Sung, CSHS: Viola - Superior Rating
  • Yingxuan Tan, CSHS: Cello - Excellent Rating; Piano - Excellent Rating
  • Woodrow Wang, CSHS: Violin - Superior Rating
  • Andrea Wu, CSHS: Piano - Excellent Rating
  • Michelle Wu, AMCHS: Violin - Excellent Rating
  • Melissa Yang, AMCHS: Piano - Excellent Rating; Violin - Excellent Rating
  • Jennifer Zhan, AMCHS: Violin - Superior Rating; Violin Trio - Superior Rating
  • Jennifer Zhou, AMCHS: Violin Trio - Excellent Rating
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