39 CSISD choir students earn trip to state contest

In all, the 39 students advancing to state earned 54 superior ratings in their performance of a class one selection.  The Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest will be held in Austin in May.

  • Emily Brown, CSHS (solo)
  • Samantha De Figueiredo, AMCHS (solo)
  • Hannah Franke, CSHS (solo)
  • Emily Gibson, CSHS (solo and ensemble)
  • Carsen Grom, CSHS (solo and ensemble)
  • Lucy Harper, AMCHS (solo)
  • Joshua Hart, AMCHS (ensemble)
  • Isaac Harris, AMCHS (ensemble)
  • Aubrey Hay, AMCHS (solo)
  • Luke Henderson, AMCHS (ensemble)
  • Ryan Herriage, CSHS (solo)
  • Samantha Herrick, CSHS (solo and ensemble)
  • Rebecca Higbee, CSHS (solo and ensemble)
  • Nour Hilal, AMCHS (solo)
  • Grace Hoover, CSHS (ensemble)
  • Mallorie Hopkins, CSHS (solo)
  • Jace Isham, CSHS (solo and ensemble)
  • Jason Jasperson, AMCHS (solo and ensemble)
  • Kaylee Kipp, AMCHS (solo and ensemble)
  • Emma Krajicek, CSHS (solo and ensemble)
  • Stephanie Lee, CSHS (solo)
  • Hannah McCarty, CSHS (solo and ensemble)
  • Marissa McShane, AMCHS (solo and ensemble)
  • Grace Moore, AMCHS (solo)
  • Natiana Nation, AMCHS (solo and ensemble)
  • Malia Nimocks, CSHS (solo and ensemble)
  • Cielo Perez, CSHS (solo)
  • Madison Platt, CSHS (solo and ensemble)
  • Jack Rosamond, CSHS (solo)
  • Jessi Shipp, AMCHS (solo)
  • Kylee Shipp, AMCHS (solo)
  • Tyler Stuart, AMCHS (solo and ensemble)
  • Madeo Suarsana, AMCHS (ensemble)
  • Antonio Teodoro, CSHS (solo and ensemble)
  • Rachelle Villegas, CSHS (solo)
  • Cindy Vinay, CSHS (ensemble)
  • Brittany Waggoner, AMCHS (solo)
  • Aimee Walden, AMCHS (solo)
  • Katie Wall, AMCHS (solo)

In addition to those advancing to state, eight students earned superior ratings by performing a class 2 selection.  These students are not eligible to advance to state.

  • Allison Abbey, CSHS (solo)
  • Gracie Barrow, AMCHS (solo)
  • Rhianna Boivie, CSHS (solo)
  • Yahaira Cruz, CSHS (solo)
  • Mia Maness, AMCHS (solo)
  • Hattie Munoz, AMCHS (solo)
  • Diamond Roberson, AMCHS (solo)
  • Christina Williams, AMCHS (solo)


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