27 CSISD SkillsUSA students earn first in state, headed to nationals

A&M Consolidated High School and College Station High School students were among more than 8,500 competitors from all over Texas who descended upon Corpus Christi for the annual state contest.

The students participated in four days of leadership and hands-on skill competitions.

In addition to the contests, Chloe Merkel and John Adams were elected into the District office and will represent AMCHS as SkillsUSA District 7 Officers for the 2017-2018 school year. Spencer Williamson (AMCHS) was recognized as a Best of Texas Student, winning a $500 CTE scholarship and Delphine Leoue Ngoko Djomo (AMCHS) won first place in the Iota Lamba Sigma Writing contest, earning a $150 scholarship.


A complete list of CSISD results is below:

** = Students qualified for National Competition

3D Animation Team

  • 1st Place Team** - AMCHS (Josey Meyer & Takuma Fujiwara)

3D Animation Projects - Video

  • Best of Show – AMCHS (Takuma Fujiwara & Victor Rocha-Rojas)
  • Excellent Rating – AMCHS (Jonathan Hutchison & Magdalen Swartz)

3D Animation Projects – Technical Render

  • Best of Show – Josey Meyer, AMCHS

3D Animation – Technical Test

  • Silver – Magdalen Swartz, AMCHS
  • Silver – Hallie Walker, CSHS
  • Silver – Tyler Hogan, CSHS
  • Bronze – Jonathan Hutchison, AMCHS

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

  • 1st Place** – AMCHS (Jedidiah Romo & Keith Adams)

Advertising & Design Projects – Illustration

  • Superior Rating – Aimee Deng, AMCHS
  • Superior Rating – Georgie Erickson, AMCHS
  • Superior Rating – Sarah Marek, AMCHS
  • Superior Rating – Josey Meyer, AMCHS
  • Superior Rating – Rita Santoso, AMCHS
  • Excellent Rating – Leah Liu, AMCHS

Applied Engineering

  • 1st Place** – AMCHS (John Primrose, Tian Shu Huang, David Poteet, Ben Belov)
  • 3rd Place - CSHS (Ryu Fujii, Jeremy Halling, Anna Bardenhagen, Ashika Verma)

American Spirit  Award

  • 2nd Place – AMCHS (Alexis Girouard & Taylor Saputra


  • Superior - CSHS (Saunders Arnold and Nick Toler)
  • Superior - Hector Duran, CSHS
  • Excellent - Sam Seal, CSHS


  • Bronze - Hector Duran, CSHS

Career Pathway Showcase in Information Technology)

  • 1st Place**  – AMCHS (Spencer Williamson, Kelly Krenek, Carson Fink, Reid Ragusa, Delphine Djomo)

Computer Maintenance

  • 2nd Place – Minh Luu, AMCHS

Computer Maintenance Technical Test

  • Silver – Chris Maness, AMCHS

Computer Maintenance Computer Case Mod Projects

  • Overall Best in IT Cluster - AMCHS (Will Sullivan, Cody Brummett, Waylon Roosma, JR Matlock)
  • Best of Show - Tim Davis, AMCHS
  • Superior Rating - AMCHS (Tian Shu Huang, Chris Maness, Ben Belov)
  • Superior Rating - AMCHS (Alex Hanks, Collin Christian)
  • Superior Rating - AMCHS (Nazeeh Riaz, John Adams, Sam Chandler, Emmanuel Preciado)

Computer Programming

  • 3rd Place - Reo Matsuda, CSHS

Digital Cinema Production

  • 1st Place Team ** - CSHS (Anna Batson, Chris Greening)
  • 3rd Place Team - CSHS (Mic Brown, Zac Watson)

Digital Illustration

  • Superior - Hallie Walker, CSHS
  • Superior - Eileen Bradway, CSHS

Employability – Technical Test

  • Silver – Victor Rocha-Rojas, AMCHS
  • Silver – Rita Santoso, AMCHS
  • Bronze – Leah Lui, AMCHS

Extemporaneous Speaking

  • 2nd Place – Delphine Djomo, AMCHS

Health Knowledge Bowl

  • 1st Place Team ** - CSHS (Ellen Wang, Elmira Adili, Ashlea McDonald, Lucille Lee)

Interactive Application and Game Design

  • 1st Place Team ** - CSHS (Bryson Greenwood, Carson Brown, Pablo Villalobos)
  • 3rd Place Team - CSHS (Ben Porter, Ryu Fujii, Mark Cahill)

Medical Terminology

  • 3rd Place - Ellen Wang, CSHS

Prepared Speech

  • 2nd Place – Delphine Djomo, AMCHS

Principles of Engineering

  • 2nd Place - Sharon Zaldivar, CSHS

Quiz Bowl

  • 2nd Place Team - CSHS (Mark Cahill, Luke Hoffman, Jeremy Halling, Anna Bardenhagen, Reo Matsuda)
  • 4th Place Team -  AMCHS (John Paul Whiteacre, Michael Townsend, Dillon Harper-Jones, Chloe Merkel, Kelvin Wang, Stewie Loden, Taylor Saputra)

Related Technical Mathematics

  • 1st place ** - Tian Shu Huang, AMCHS

Residential System Installation and Maintenance

  • 2nd Place  – John Paul Whiteacre, AMCHS

Technical Computer Applications

  • 3rd Place  –  Andrew Hill, AMCHS

Technical Computer Applications Technical Test

  • Silver – Ethan Martinez, AMCHS

Telecommunication and Cabling

  • 2nd Place - Kelly Krenek, AMCHS

TV (Video) Production - Multiple

  • Best of Show  - AMCHS (Noah Alford, Jackson Hall)
  • Superior Rating – Avery Wright, AMCHS
  • Bronze - CSHS (Maddie Abdalla, Flame Dong)

Television Camera Operator Technical Test

  • Bronze – Hannah Luedke, CSHS
  • Bronze – Noah Alford, AMCHS
  • Bronze – Joshua Brooks, AMCHS
  • Bronze – Adrian Flores, AMCHS
  • Bronze – Jackson Hall, AMCHS
  • Bronze – Mallorie Makuta, AMCHS
  • Bronze – Liam McPeck, AMCHS
  • Bronze – Brodie Shea, AMCHS
  • Bronze – Carson Todd, AMCHS

Web Page Design Team

  • 1st Place Team** - AMCHS (Katie Gray & Matthew Holtzapple)

Web Page Design Individual

  • 1st Place ** - Gabriel Langley, AMCHS

CSISD SKillsUSA advisors and coaches include

  • Jim Dawson, CSHS
  • Stephen Green, CSHS
  • Shannon Jones, AMCHS
  • Susan Keough, CSHS
  • Mark Langwell, CSHS
  • Billy Luce, AMCHS
  • Jason Oualline, CSHS
  • Beth Oualline, CSHS
  • Patrick Powell, AMCHS
  • Jay Robinson, AMCHS
  • Bart Taylor, AMCHS


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