CSISD students win multiple state academic championships

The AMCHS Current Issues team, consisting of Benjamin Lamb, Nico Macri, Shiva Saravanan and Aabid Razvi won its fifth-consecutive state championship.  Lamb placed third individually, while Macri finished fourth.  The contest consisted of answering 40 questions regarding current events. The questions ranged from the mainstream, like details about the Senate's "nuclear option," to the obscure, like the discovery of a scrap of a dress once owned by Queen Elizabeth.  In addition, the students wrote essays about the current state of the Texas Legislature as part of the event. The Current Issues Team is coached by Bobbi Rodriguez.

Consol’s Kay Watson won the state championship in the Ready Writing competition with her essay about the effects of isolation on individuals.  She linked the topic to psychology, social media, current events and literature and her essay will be published by the University Interscholastic League in the coming weeks. Watson is coached by Daniel Posey.

CSHS’s Jason Tan finished second overall in the Science competition, winning the state championship in Chemistry and Biology along the way.  Tan answered questions on a 60-question exam that focused on the importance of experiments and scientific discoveries in biology, chemistry and physics.  He is coached by Casey Akin.

Saravanan also won second place in Spelling and Vocabulary for correctly spelled words like coelacanth, passementerie and idiosyncrasy - in addition to mastering the definitions of many such words.  Shiva is coached by DeAnn Aalbers.

CSHS theatre student Leah Michelle Anderson placed fourth in Theatrical Marketing Design.  In this contest, students compete in artistic skill and presentation of an area of theatrical design of a hypothetical performance.  She is coached by Brad Billeaudeaux.

To date, AMCHS is in third place in the team, or “Sweepstakes,” for class 5A with 67 total points.  The speech portion of the Texas UIL Academic Championships will be held at the end of May.  AMCHS has the potential to score more points as they have two students (Razvi and Elizabeth Palazzolo) competing in speech.


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