September CSISD Board Workshop/Meeting Recap

Note: This is an overview of some of the items on the September board workshop and meeting agendas. This recap does not include every item on the agendas. Official meeting minutes will be made available on following approval at the October board meeting. A video and audio recording of the workshop and meeting will be made available within seven days of the meeting at




2017-18 Student Enrollment Update:  Deputy Superintendent and Chief Financial Officer Mike Martindale gave a presentation regarding enrollment for the 2017-18 school year.


CSISD’s total enrollment as of September 19 is 13,650 students, which is 3.41% more than the October snaphot date from October 2016.  Last year’s official snapshot-date enrollment was 13,200.

  • CSISD Enrollment Year-by-Year (Percentage Increase from previous year)

    • Enrollment numbers below are all from the October snapshot date except the 2017-18 number which is from September 19, 2017.

  • 2011-12:  10,805  (2.56%)

  • 2012-13:  11,178  (3.45%)

  • 2013-14:  11,713  (4.79%)

  • 2014-15:  12,534  (7.01%)

  • 2015-16:  13,023  (3.90%)

  • 2016-17:  13,200  (1.36%)

  • 2017-18:  13,650  (3.41%)


CSISD projected a 2.9% increase in student enrollment during the budgeting process using demographer estimates.  Templeton Demographics projected an enrollment of 13,555 for the 2017-18 school year.


Middle School Branding:  The board began discussion regarding potential rebranding of the middle schools in order to give them their own identity.  Beginning in the 2018-19 school year, CSISD will have three middle schools feeding into two comprehensive high schools.  No action was taken and discussions will continue at future meetings.



Approval of Missed Instructional Day Waiver:  The board approved a waiver for the missed instructional day on Monday, August 28, due to Hurricane Harvey.  If approved by the TEA, the waiver would waive missed instruction time for College Station ISD.  Any other school district in the 58-county disaster declaration area also has the opportunity to pursue a waiver for missed instruction time.


District of Innovation:  The board appointed the DIstrict Education Improvement Council as the designated committee to write the District of Innovation Plan for CSISD.  


Last month, the board adopted a resolution to allow CSISD administration to explore becoming a District of Innovation.


The Texas legislature passed HB 1842 in 2015, allowing public school districts to obtain the designation of District of Innovation and to gain exemption from certain Texas education codes.


With this authorization, the CSISD administration will begin the process of exploring the value of being exempt from certain education codes.


Approval of Class Size Waivers:  The board approved class size waivers for Pebble Creek Elementary and South Knoll Elementary.


The Texas Education Code allows districts to request class size waivers when any class enrollment in grades K-4 exceeds 22 students.  The waiver requests identify two third grade classes at South Knoll and two fourth grade classes at Pebble Creek.


In the waiver request, the district will indicate that our immediate remedy will be the addition of support staff to those grade levels at those campuses.


Guaranteed Maximum Price for Elementary School No. 10:  Part of the 2015 bond package approved by CSISD voters included money for the construction of elementary school no. 10.


The board approved the guaranteed maximum price of $22,559,379 for this project.  The total proposed project budget is $26,901,339.


The allocated amount for the project in the 2015 bond package was $24,220,000, or $2,681,339 less than the total project budget.  The difference will be made up by savings realized from other projects in the 2015 bond package.


Purchases/Bid Approvals:

  • Approved the annual PowerSchool software maintenance contract for the amount of $123,651.53 for the 2017-18 school year as appropriated for in the adopted 2017-18 budget.

  • Approved the purchase of orchestra instruments to accommodate the addition of Wellborn Middle School from Lisle Violin Shop for the amount of $82,224 to be paid from 2015 bond funds.



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