CSISD middle schoolers perform with all-region choir

Earlier this year, more than 900 students from Bryan, College Station, Temple, Belton, Waco, and Killeen auditioned to be a part of the all-region choir.

CSISD students selected to the All-Region Choir:

  • Soprano 1: Sam Kaspar (AMCMS), Bayleigh Oualline (CSMS), Peyton Smith (CSMS), Aubrey Stuart (AMCMS), Hannah Treider (AMCMS), Lily Van Zandt (CSMS), Ashtyne Vollentine (AMCMS), Tosha Womack (AMCMS)
  • Soprano 2: Lujein Abdelwahed (CSMS), Gretchen Barrow (AMCMS), Lauren Hightower (AMCMS), Anna Prom (CSMS)
  • Alto: Emma Barrow (AMCMS), Sarah Barrow (AMCMS), Damiya Burton (AMCMS), Ella Goodwin (AMCMS), Medha Sarin (AMCMS), Jamie Siegel (AMCMS)
  • Tenor 1: Owen Troy (AMCMS)
  • Tenor 2: Corey Kingman (AMCMS)
  • Bass: Elliott Lewis (CSMS), Nathan Vernon (CSMS)


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