More than 100 CSISD students qualify for SkillsUSA state contest

SkillUSA contests consist of technical information tests as well as hands-on production, troubleshooting and application.

In addition, CSHS student Chloe Merkel presided over the awards ceremony as District 7 president.  Three AMCHS students - Connor Fredericks, Mitchell Kuppersmith and David Nguyen - were voted into district office.

The following individuals and teams placed at the contest.  The students and teams denoted with an asterisk advanced to state.

3D Animation Team

1st place* - Sarah Marek & Maggie Swartz (AMCHS)

2nd place* - Justin Jennings and Evan Howard (CSHS)

3rd place* - Hailey Alvarez and Alianna Gonzales (CSHS)

4th place* - Victoria Guerra and Katie Meier (CSHS)

5th place - Mitchell Kuppersmith & Freddy Yax (AMCHS)


3D Animation Video

Superior Rating* - Johnathon Hutchison (AMCHS)

Superior Rating* - Maggie Swartz (AMCHS)

Excellent Rating - Team: Mitchell Kuppersmith & Freddy Yax (AMCHS)


3D Animation Technical Render

Superior Rating*- Sarah Marek (AMCHS)


Action Skills

1st place*- Thomas Cassler (AMCHS)


Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

1st place* - Ashika Verma and Anna Bardenhagen (CSHS)

2nd place* - Ryu Fujii and Reo Matsuda (CSHS)

3rd place* – Team: Keith Adams & Tian Da Huang (AMCHS)


Advertising Design

3rd place* - Wynter Houpt (AMCHS)

5th place – Taylor Saputra (AMCHS)


Advertising & Design Job Exhibit

Superior Rating* - Maggie Swartz  (AMCHS) -- Best of Show

Superior Rating* - Sarah Marek (AMCHS)

Superior Rating* - Wynter Houpt (AMCHS)

Superior Rating* - Leah Lui (AMCHS)


Applied Engineering

1st place* - Raymond Wood, Rami Ayari, Rushi Patel, Ryu Fujii (CSHS)

2nd place* - Team: Michael Fink, Alex Hilty, Michael Parulian, Michael Townsend (AMCHS)


Audio Radio Production

1st place* - Tannah Brister and Alex Fedder (CSHS)

Broadcast News Production

1st place* - Team: Brannon Castoria, Carolina Rueda, Jacob Simmons, Harrison Winn (AMCHS)

2nd place* - Team: Jordi Bulux-Sotelo, Jacob Janke-Lynch, Desiree Ramon, Lacey Washington (AMCHS)


Career Pathway Showcase in Information Technology

1st place* - Team: Delphine Leoue Ngoko Djomo, Reid Ragusa, Spencer Williamson (AMCHS)


Computer Maintenance Computer Case Mod Projects

Superior Rating*- Team: Drew Howerton, Tex Bonasera, Keith Adams, Taylor Saputra (AMCHS)

Superior Rating*- Team: Emmanuel Preciado, Timmy Davis, Ahad Ali (AMCHS)

Superior Rating*- Nathaniel Summer, David Nguyen (AMCHS)

Superior Rating*- John Adams, Ben Castro (AMCHS)

Excellent Rating - Team: Reid Ragusa, Jack Wren, Julian Wang (AMCHS)

Excellent Rating - Team: Billy Stephenson, Umer Sajid, Marshall Taylor, Joseph Weaver (AMCHS)

Excellent Rating- Carlos Trejo, Adrian Trejo (AMCHS)


Computer Programming

2nd place* - Reo Matsuda (CSHS)

Construction Projects Advancing to State

Sam Seale (CSHS) *

Sully O'Shea (CSHS) *

Hannah Marks (CSHS) *

Zane Arnold (CSHS) *

Aiden McGuire (CSHS) *

Digital Cinema Production

3rd place* - Hannah Luedke and Sophia Hernandez (CSHS)

4th place*- Team: Noah Alford & Patrick Quinn (AMCHS)

5th place- Team: Mallorie Makuta & Brodie Shea (AMCHS)


Engineering Technology Design

1st place* - Anna Bardenhagen, Ryu Fujii, Jeremy Halling (CSHS)


3rd place*- Team: Michael Barondeau, Kate Primrose, Adrian Trejo & Carlos Trejo (AMCHS)


Information Technology Services

1st place*- Minh Luu (AMCHS)

2nd place*- Isabella Garza (AMCHS)

3rd place*- Muhammad Sajid (AMCHS)

4th place- Drew Howerton (AMCHS)


Interactive Application and Game Development

1st place* - Ashika Verma and Ryu Fujii (CSHS)

3rd place* - Kolton Brunson and Matt Mueller (CSHS)

4th place* - Reo Matsuda (CSHS)


1st place*- Mark Jones (AMCHS)

2nd place*- Phuc Ha (AMCHS)

3rd place*- Leonard White (AMCHS)


Medical Math

1st place*– Jennifer Zhou (AMCHS)


Outstanding Chapter

1st place*- Katie Gray, Drew Howerton, Delphine Leoue Ngoko Djomo (AMCHS)


Prepared Speech

1st place* – Delphine Leoue Ngoko Djomo (AMCHS)

3rd place - Liam Turner (CSHS)

Quiz Bowl

1st place* - Mark Cahill, Anna Bardenhagen, Jeremy Halling, Luke Hoffman, Chloe Merkel, Dayton Pham, Hector Guzman (CSHS)

Related Technical Mathematics

1st place *- Joshua Martin (AMCHS)

2nd place*- Tian Da Huang (AMCHS)

3rd place- Julian Wang (AMCHS)

4th place- Roger Wang (AMCHS)


Residential System Installation and Maintenance

1st place * - Keith Adams (AMCHS)

2nd place*- Sam Chandler (AMCHS)

3rd place*- Leonard White (AMCHS)


T-Shirt Design

1st place*-- Taylor Saputra (AMCHS)

3rd place- Brytan Quartemont (AMCHS)

5th place- Brandon Hazlett (AMCHS)



1st place* - Aiden McGuire, Bryson Simmons, Hogan Leftwich, DJ Daugherty (CSHS)

Technical Computer Applications

1st place *- Ethan Martinez (AMCHS)

2nd place*- Timmy Davis (AMCHS)

3rd place*- Curtis Franklin (AMCHS)

4th place- Ben Castro (AMCHS)


Telecommunication and Cabling

1st place*- Marshall Greene (AMCHS)

2nd place*- Ahad Ali (AMCHS)

3rd place*- Dillan Harper-Jones (AMCHS)

4th place*- Neil Feagan (AMCHS)


Television Video Production

1st place* - Maddie Abdalla and Flame Dong (CSHS)

3rd place Team* -  Hans Sapo, Avery Wright (AMCHS)


Tool ID

2nd place* - Aaron Browning (CSHS)

Individual Video Projects Advancing to State

Tannah Brister (CSHS)*

Max Carrino (AMCHS)*

Griffin Ford (CSHS)*

Patrick Quinn (AMCHS)*

Ashlyn Riddle (CSHS)*

Brodie Shea (AMCHS)*

Cella Siegelman (CSHS)*

Avery Wright (AMCHS)*

Team Video Projects Advancing to State

Maddie Abdalla, Flame Dong, and Hannah Luedke (CSHS)*

Noah Alford, Adrian Flores (AMCHS)* -- Judge's Choice

William Allen, Brannon Castoria, Brian Schoenemann, Jacob Simmons (AMCHS)*

Kelsey Beasley and Kylie Meyer (CSHS)*

Sophia Hernandez and Ramzi Portales (CSHS)*

Mallorie Makuta, Hans Sapo (AMCHS)*

Tony Qing and Jack Holmes (CSHS)*

Video Game Design

2nd place* - Team: Authur Erickson & Mitchell Kuppersmith (AMCHS)


Web Page Design Team

2nd place*- Team: Katie Gray & Matt Holtzapple (AMCHS)

3rd place*- Team: William Stephenson & Joseph Weaver (AMCHS)


Web Page Design Individual

2nd place*– Marshall Taylor (AMCHS)

"Best of Show" Winners for Job Exhibits:

3D Animation Short - Aliannaa Gonzales and Hailey Alvarez (CSHS)*

Video Production Project - Tannah Brister (CSHS)*

Construction Project - Sam Seale (CSHS)*

The students are coached by Jim Dawson (CSHS), Stephen Green (CSHS), Shannon Jones (AMCHS), Kim Munoz (CSHS), Jason Oualline (CSHS), Beth Oualline (CSHS),Patrick Powell (AMCHS), Danny Roberts (AMCHS), Jay Robinson (AMCHS), and Bart Taylor (AMCHS).


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