Eleven CSISD artists advance to state competition

Michael Fink, Sarah Gallagher, Jackson Lacey, Aimee Li (2 pieces), Ashley Liu, Tatum Love, Rita Santoso (2 pieces) and Lexi Sweet from A&M Consolidated High School and Logan James, Cella Seigelman and Kateyn Silvey from College Station High School had art advance to state.

The state VASE competition will be held April 27-28 in San Marcos.

In all, judges saw 1,076 entries from throughout the region.  Approximately 50 advanced to the state show -- 13 of which came from CSISD students.

In addition to the artists who advanced to state, CSISD had 62 students and 72 pieces of art receive the highest rating of four to earn a medal.

CSISD Students who received medals include:

  • Abby Aronson, CSHS
  • Natalie Barnes, AMCHS
  • Paula Bernal, CSHS
  • Maria Braga, CSHS
  • Cassity Burson, CSHS (2 pieces)
  • Bethany Butler, CSHS
  • Sheridan Cargle, AMCHS (2 pieces)  
  • Nyah Carter, AMCHS
  • Destiny Cobb, AMCHS
  • Alexandra Corona, AMCHS (2 pieces)
  • Morgan Daughters, CSHS
  • Rose Deeb, CSHS
  • Aimee Deng, AMCHS
  • Robin Ericson, AMCHS
  • Michael Fink, AMCHS
  • Jack Franklin, CSHS
  • Sarah Gallagher, AMCHS
  • Claire Gatlin, CSHS
  • Giselly Gomes, CSHS
  • Kendra Gray, AMCHS
  • Victoria Guerra, CSHS
  • Samantha Herrick, CSHS (2 pieces)
  • Kate Hinkley, CSHS
  • Logan James, CSHS
  • Sarah Jenkins, AMCHS
  • Sophie Jones, AMCHS
  • Nia Koite, AMCHS
  • Jackson Lacey, AMCHS
  • Alexia Leon, AMCHS (2 pieces)
  • Aimee Li, AMCHS (2 pieces)
  • Julie Li, AMCHS
  • Katie Jo Lingo, AMCHS
  • Ashley Liu, AMCHS
  • Leah Liu, AMCHS (2 pieces)
  • Edid Lopez, AMCHS
  • Tatum Love, AMCHS
  • Gabi Martinis, CSHS
  • Keona McKee, AMCHS
  • Alexis Miller, AMCHS
  • Marina Munoz, CSHS
  • Carolina Ocada, CSHS
  • Nicole Patterson, AMCHS (2 pieces)  
  • Sloan Peacock, CSHS
  • Loredana Pearlstein, CSHS
  • Madeline Pembleton, AMCHS
  • Zoe Peterek, CSHS
  • Athena Polymenis, CSHS
  • Skyler Quintero, AMCHS
  • Hart Ray, AMCHS
  • Alfredo Santibanez, AMCHS
  • Rita Santoso, AMCHS (2 pieces)
  • Maggie Swartz, AMCHS
  • Cella Seigelman, CSHS
  • Josie Sheil, AMCHS (2 pieces)
  • Kateyn Silvey, CSHS
  • Lexi Sweet, AMCHS
  • Li Tao, AMCHS
  • Caleb Thomas, AMCHS
  • Emily Turner, CSHS
  • Josh Valenzuela, AMCHS
  • Sarime Villasana, CSHS
  • Lily Wu, AMCHS

Teachers for AMCHS art are Jami Bevans, Robert Houchins and Bob Leland, while Candis Oberdorf and Jessica Norton teach art at CSHS.


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