March CSISD Board Workshop/Meeting Recap

Note: This is an overview of some of the items on the March board workshop and meeting agendas. This recap does not include every item on the agendas. Official meeting minutes will be made available on following approval at the April board meeting. A video and audio recording of the workshop and meeting will be made available within seven days of the meeting at



Annual Enrollment Review Discussion:  At the February board meeting, the board voted to readjust the boundaries for the district’s two comprehensive high schools. The work will take place during this current academic semester, but not take effect until the 2019-20 school year.

Redrawing the attendance boundaries at the high school level, CSISD should be able to delay the need for a bond election to add capacity at College Station High School.  

In this month’s workshop, the board finalized the process (including how and when to receive community feedback) and set dates for futures boundary adjustment workshops.

Spring 2018 High School Boundary Adjustment Schedule:

  • Wednesday, March 28 -- 5:00 p.m. -- Boundary Adjustment Workshop to present process and initial options of new high school attendance boundaries.
  • Monday, April 2 -- 5:30 p.m. -- Public Forum to receive input from community
  • Wednesday, April 4 -- 3:00 p.m. -- Boundary Adjustment Workshop
  • Monday, April 9 -- 5:00 p.m. -- Boundary Adjustment Workshop
  • More workshop dates will be scheduled if necessary.

In addition to the rezoning to attempt to delay another bond election, some older bond issuances will be paid off over the course of the next two years.  This is projected to lower the CSISD I&S tax rate by 1.91 cents in the 2018-19 fiscal year and an additional 6.44 cents in the 2019-20. The estimates are generated off a projected 6% CSISD property value increase each year.

Background -- At the December 19 board meeting, the board received information regarding projected growth for CSISD.  Rocky Gardiner from Templeton Demographics shared the district’s annual enrollment update which included information on the housing and labor markets, current and future subdivisions, and 10-year growth projections by campus.  A key component of the presentation, was information regarding the new K-8 charter school that will open in August.

Also at the December meeting, Deputy Superintendent Mike Martindale shared the annual enrollment review and report with the board and community as a part of board policy FC (Local).

The December enrollment update indicated the most significant area to consider addressing is the classroom capacity of College Station High School.  It showed AMCHS is at less than 85% capacity and it is projected to stay at under 85% capacity through the 2020-21 school year. Additionally, CSHS is expected to be at more than 110% capacity by the 2020-21 school year.

Based on the options available through policy FC (Local), CSISD is already planning to add portable classrooms to CSHS for the 2018-19 school year to accommodate student growth.

Discussion Regarding 2018-19 Budget:  Deputy Superintendent and Chief Financial Officer Mike Martindale made an initial presentation regarding the development of the 2018-19 budget.  

The board reviewed historical budget and enrollment trends, reviewed staffing and budgeting priorities for 2018-19 and were presented with the first draft revenue and expenditure numbers.  These initial numbers reflect an overall deficit budget of $4.9 million.

CSISD will continue to review staffing and budget requests as well as monitor and adjust revenue projections according to enrollment and tax values.  The 2018-19 budget and tax rate will be adopted at the August board meeting.

Historically, CSISD has come in under its budgeted amount.

Budget Year

Adopted Budget Surplus/Deficit

End of Audited Budget Deficit/Surplus


(-) $3.89 million

(-) $2.4 million


(-) $3.03 million

(+) $325 thousand


(-) $1.84 million

(+) $2.37 million


(-) $473 thousand

(+) $2.98 million


(-) $2.41 million

In progress

Discussion Regarding Student Drug Testing:  Chief Administrative Officer Greg McIntyre made a presentation to the board regarding the possibility of the district implementing a random drug testing program for secondary students (grades 7-12) who are engaged in extra-curricular activities, or have a parking pass at a high school.

The reasons for potentially instituting a random drug testing policy for students include:

  • To ensure the health and safety of all students in extracurricular activities and students who seek parking permit privileges.
  • To serve as a deterrent to the use of illegal drugs, performance enhancing drugs, or alcohol.
  • To offer students credible means to resist peer pressure as it relates to illegal drugs and alcohol.
  • To provide a source of information for parents of any student who may be using illegal drugs, performance enhancing drugs or alcohol.

The idea is still being researched and a recommendation will be made as to what to test for, how many students are tested and how often tests are conducted at a later board meeting.

The program could begin as soon as the 2018-19 school year if approved by the board at a later meeting this spring.


Purchases/Bid Approvals:

  • Approved the purchase of network switches for Wellborn Middle School from Avinext for the amount of $95,830 using 2015 bond funds.
  • Approved the purchase of audio/visual equipment for Wellborn Middle School from Avinext for the amount of $138,627.86 using 2015 bond funds.
  • Approved the purchase of athletic apparel for A&M Consolidated Middle School and College Station Middle School from BSN Sports, Cardinals Sports Center and M&M Apparel for $223,742.30 using 2017-18 general funds.
  • Approved the purchase of athletic apparel for Wellborn Middle School from BSN Sports, Cardinals Sports Center and M&M Apparel for $111,871.15 using 2015 bond funds.
  • Approved the purchase of K-8 science instructional online resources from STEMScopes for the amount of $66,167.50 using Instructional Materials Allotment Funds.
  • Approved an interlocal agreement with the City of College Station to contribute up to $395,000 toward the total project cost of $11,905,000 for the City of College Station’s expansion of Holleman Drive South from Dowling Road to Rock Prairie Road.  The funds will be paid via the elementary no. 10 project of the 2015 bond package, which included a budget $300,000 for city infrastructure. The remaining $95,000 of the funds will be taken from the elementary no. 10 project contingency budget.


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