CSISD students win awards at art contest

Eight of the 10 students’ art earned the highest possible rating of 4 while two earned the second highest rating of three.

In addition, Brandon Boatman and Alyssa Helms earned the platinum medal, which is scored on a combination of the artwork and an interview about the artwork.

Individual students receiving awards are listed below.

  • Brandon Boatman, Rating 4
  • Bryce Clendenin, Rating 4
  • Rebekah Concklin, Rating 4
  • Jayna Engledow, Rating 4
  • Lorelei Harrison, Ration 4
  • D'Andre Harwell, Rating 3
  • Alyssa Helms, Rating 4
  • Rhyan Kalke, Rating 4
  • Samuel Payne, Rating 3
  • Cassidy Turner, Rating 4


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