April CSISD Board Workshop/Meeting Recap

Note: This is an overview of some of the items on the April board workshop and meeting agendas. This recap does not include every item on the agendas. Official meeting minutes will be made available on www.csisd.org following approval at the May board meeting. A video and audio recording of the workshop and meeting will be made available within seven days of the meeting at csisd.org.



Discussion Regarding 2018-19 Budget:  Deputy Superintendent and Chief Financial Officer Mike Martindale made a second presentation regarding the development of the 2018-19 budget.  

The board reviewed staffing and budgeting priorities for 2018-19 and were presented with the first draft revenue and expenditure numbers.  The current budget development process reflects an overall projected budget deficit of $4.75 million, down from $4.9 million in last month’s projection.

CSISD will continue to review staffing and budget requests as well as monitor and adjust revenue projections according to enrollment and tax values.  The 2018-19 budget and tax rate will be adopted at the August board meeting.

Discussion Regarding Student Drug Testing:  Chief Administrative Officer Greg McIntyre made a second presentation to the board regarding the possibility of the district implementing a random drug testing program.

The reasons for potentially instituting a random drug testing policy for students include:

  • Health and safety
  • To serve as a deterrent
  • To offer students credible means to resist peer pressure
  • To provide a source of information for parents

There are many decisions to consider before a drug-testing policy is implemented, including what grade levels, what student groups (extracurricular, students with parking permits, etc.), and what drugs to test for.  Tests range from $8 to $150 per test depending on what is tested. The standard nine-panel drug test costs approximately $20 per test.

If implemented, test results would be confidential and student privacy would be protected.  The test results would be only provided to parents/guardians and designated administrators.

The program could begin as soon as the 2018-19 school year if approved by the board at a later meeting this spring.


Purchases/Bid Approvals:

  • Approved the purchase of furniture for South Knoll Elementary remodeling in the amount of $126,198.84 from Educator’s Depot using 2015 bond funds.
  • Approved the purchase of security camera system for Wellborn Middle School in the amount of $91,483.35 from Design Security Controls, Inc. using 2015 bond funds.
  • Approved the purchase and installation of a fire alarm system for Cypress Grove Intermediate for the amount of $98,240.00 from API National Service Group using 2013 bond funds.
  • Approved the purchase of a rooftop air handling unit for A&M Consolidated High School for the amount of $71,420.00 from Texas Air Systems using 2013 bond funds.
  • Approved the purchase of athletic equipment for Wellborn Middle School n the amount of $159,076.39 from BSN Sports using 2015 bond funds.
  • Approved the purchase of library books for Wellborn Middle School in the amount of $103,863.11 from Mackin Educational Resources using 2015 bond funds.


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