CSISD high schools finish second and third at regional academic meet

Competitors earn points by placing in the top six in individual events or top two in team events.  Points are accumulated to determine the regional champion. Consol finished with a total of 156 points to place second in the region, while CSHS finished a close third with 138 points.  There are 71 high schools in Class 5A Region 3.

The top three individuals and top team at each of the four 5A regional competitions advance to state.  In addition, the highest scoring second place team from all the regionals earns a “wild card” spot at the state meet.

The 19 qualifying students from CSISD qualified for 10 different individual and team events at the state general academics contest on May 4-5 and the state speech and debate meet on May 21-22 -- both in Austin.

Complete results are as follows:

Computer Science


  • Reo Matsuda, CSHS - 3rd Place *

Current Issues and Events

  • CSHS Team: Robert Dohrman, Azaan Jamal, Mark Cahill, Omar Al-Douri - 2nd Place (wild card)*


  • Robert Dohrman, CSHS - 1st Place *
  • Shiva Saravanan, AMCHS - 2nd Place *

Feature Writing


  • Katie Guye, CSHS - 6th Place

Headline Writing


  • Jennifer Zhan, AMCHS - 6th Place

Informative Speaking


  • Caroline Coopersmith, AMCHS - 4th Place
  • Cassie He, AMCHS - 5th Place

Lincoln Douglas Debate


  • Cassie He, AMCHS - 1st Place *
  • Celine Choi, AMCHS - 6th Place

Literary Criticism

  • AMCHS Team: Jennifer Zhan, Olivia Conway, Aimee Deng, Avha Mohanty - 2nd Place


  • Olivia Conway, AMCHS - 4th Place
  • Shiva Saravanan, AMCHS - 5th Place
  • Jennifer Zhan, AMCHS - 6th Place


  • AMCHS Team: Eric Gan, Selena Li, Shiva Saravanan, Bill Wang - 1st Place *


  • Eric Gan, AMCHS - 2nd Place*
  • Amy Hu, CSHS - 3rd Place *
  • Selena Li, AMCHS - 6th Place

Number Sense

  • CSHS Team: Richard Yu, Srinidhi Narayanan, Amy Hu, Bryan Yan - 2nd Place


  • Bryan Yan, CSHS - 3rd Place *
  • Richard Yu, CSHS - 4th Place

Persuasive Speaking


  • Aabid Razvi, AMCHS - 4th Place



  • Tatum Love, AMCHS - 2nd Place *

Ready Writing

  • Shelby Smith, CSHS - 1st Place *


  • CSHS Team: Yaxin Duan, Amy Hu, Sayuni Dharmasena, Ioannis Pistikopoulos - 1st Place *
  • AMCHS Team: Melissa Rasmussen, Andrew Zhang, Selena Li, Eric Gan - 2nd Place


  • Andrew Zhang, AMCHS - 1st Place *
  • Yaxin Duan, CSHS - 2nd Place *
  • Amy Hu - 3rd Place * (Top Chemistry Score)


  • AMCHS Team: 2nd Place

Spelling & Vocabulary

  • CSHS Team: Giscar Obambo, Demi Hu, Kathy Ding, James Pate - 2nd Place


  • Shiva Saravanan, AMCHS - 1st Place *
  • Demi Hu, CSHS - 4th Place
  • Giscar Obambo, CSHS - 6th Place

The students are coached by:

  • DeAnn Aalbers, AMCHS - Spelling
  • Casey Akin, CSHS - Science
  • Yvette Bedell, CSHS - Prose, Poetry, Informative, Persuasive, LD, CX
  • Bradley Billeaudeaux, CSHS - One-Act Play
  • Samuel Childers, AMCHS - Science
  • Kelsey Cowan, AMCHS - Calculator, Mathematics, and Number Sense
  • Beth Creel, CSHS - One-Act Play
  • April Falco, CSHS - Current Events & Social Studies
  • Kathy Fisher, AMCHS - Accounting and Computer Applications
  • Chad Lehrmann, CSHS - Prose, Poetry, Informative, Persuasive, LD, CX
  • Chauncey Lindner, AMCHS - Literary Criticism and Ready Writing
  • Kim Munoz, CSHS - Computer Science
  • Marissa Pena, AMCHS - Prose, Poetry, Informative, Persuasive, LD, CX, and OAP
  • Suzy Richards, CSHS - Literary Criticism and Ready Writing
  • Dianne Rister, AMCHS - Computer Science
  • Bobbi Rodriguez, AMCHS - Current Events
  • Heather Strawn, CSHS - Spelling
  • Courtney Wellmann, CSHS - News, Editorial, Feature, and Headline
  • Sara Wendt, CSHS - Calculator, Mathematics, and Number Sense
  • Mike Williams, AMCHS - News, Editorial, Feature, and Headline
  • April Wilson, AMCHS - Social Studies


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