CSISD students and staff earn awards at Bush Library Art and Essay Contest

Two CSISD teachers also earned the Outstanding Educator Award, which is presented with appreciation for consistently supporting the enrichment and creativity of students through outstanding dedication, inspiration, and encouragement above and beyond the classroom.  Dr. Melinda Austin, Art Teacher at Oakwood Intermediate, and Nancy Boswell, Enrichment Specialist Cypress Grove Intermediate, were recipients of this award.

Essay Contest Winners

  • Grades 4-5
    • 1st Place - Samprokshana Karthikeyan, Cypress Grove Intermediate - “Leonardo da Vinci: A Universal Genius” - Teacher: Donna Boyd
  • Grades 6-8
    • 3rd Place - Kelly He, A&M Consolidated Middle School - “The Girl Who Fights for Change” - Teacher: Cindy Kohler
  • Grades 9-12
    • 1st Place - Robert Dohrman, College Station HS - “Beto O’Rourke: Political Genius or Unrealistic Dreamer?” - Teacher: Teresa Laffin
    • 1st Place - Shiva Saravanan, A&M Consolidated HS - “The Unsung Genius of John von Neumann” - Teacher: Ryan Goodwin

Art Contest Awards

  • Grades 3-5
    • 1st Place 2D - Shirin Gohil, Cypress Grove Intermediate - “Art of the Genius” - Teacher: Christine Grafe
    • 1st Place 2D - Kaylie Noynaert, Spring Creek Elementary - “Airpillow Car: Driving without Pollution” - Teacher: Magda Zeitzman
    • 2nd Place 2D - Christian Yum, Oakwood Intermediate - “Diverse Me” - Teacher: Mindy Austin
    • 2nd Place 3D - Frederick Burnett, Spring Creek Elementary - “Electrical Spacerocket: Preserve Earth!” - Teacher: Magda Zeitzman
    • 3rd Place 2D - Olivia Feagin, Spring Creek Elementary - “Magnakart” - Teacher: Magda Zeitzman
    • 3rd Place 3D - Rebekah Raymond, Cypress Grove Intermediate - “Daphne the Dolphin” - Teacher: Christine Grafe
    • Honorable Mention 2D - Ethan Shaw, Spring Creek Elementary
    • Honorable Mention 3D - Caitlin Smith, Spring Creek Elementary; Steven Chaudhuri, Blake Howerton, Addison Brock, Meredith Dickens, Ellie Heye, Makenna Taylor, Jordan Thomas, Jonathan Chalker and Rudy Hernandez, Cypress Grove Intermediate
  • Grades 6-8
    • 1st Place 2D - McKenzie Fitzsimon, Cypress Grove Intermediate - “The Vitruvian Woman” - Teacher: Becky Kubin, Cypress Grove
    • 1st Place 2D - Garett Gammill, Oakwood Intermediate - “San Pietro” - Teacher: Mindy Austin
    • 1st Place 3D - Brandon Boatman and Bryce Clendenin, Cypress Grove Intermediate - “The Moose” - Teacher: Christine Grafe
    • 1st Place 3D - Hayden Martinez and McKinley Sullivan, Cypress Grove Intermediate - “The Sullivan Pizzaria” - Teacher: Christine Grafe
    • 1st Place 3D - Audrey Boyd and Maddie Weeks, Cypress Grove Intermediate - “Under the Sea” - Teacher: Christine Grafe
    • 2nd Place 2D - Maile Gallego, Oakwood Intermediate - “Eiffel Tower” - Teacher: Mindy Austin
    • 2nd Place 3D - Addison Jennings, Aleah Miller and Allena Tariq, Cypress Grove Intermediate - “Food in Motion” - Teacher: Christine Grafe
    • 2nd Place 3D - Maddux Basham and Armaan Gilani, Cypress Grove Intermediate - “Bike Life” - Teacher: Christine Grafe
    • 3rd Place 2D - Olivia Sanders, Cypress Grove Intermediate - “Summer Art” - Teacher: Christine Grafe
    • 3rd Place 3D - Kyle Kurtz, Cypress Grove Intermediate - “Battleship” - Teacher: Christine Grafe
    • 3rd Place 3D - TJ Lavalais and Logan Russell , Cypress Grove Intermediate - “Crazy Spinner” - Teacher: Christine Grafe
    • Honorable Mention 3D - Zhamiah Morrison and Maha Rahman, Cypress Grove Intermediate
  • Grades 9-12
    • 1st Place 2D - Alexandra Corona, A&M Consolidated HS - “Gallant Impression” - Teacher: Jami Bevans
    • 1st Place 2D - Rita Santoso, A&M Consolidated HS - “Portrait of a City” - Teacher: Jami Bevans
    • 3rd Place 2D - Jaden Schmidt, A&M Consolidated HS - “Soft Light” - Teacher: Jami Bevans


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