About Pre-Kindergarten
School districts in the state of Texas are required to actively identify four year old students who are eligible for enrollment in a pre-kindergarten class. This notification is communicated to the population in the district in both English and Spanish.

College Station ISD offers half-day pre-kindergarten classes that are open to eligible children. The classes are held in morning and afternoon sessions. Times for the 2016-2017 school year are 7:45-10:50 or 12:00-3:05.

Students in the Pre-Kindergarten program enjoy active involvement in their classrooms and field trips. Learning centers, exploration and large group instruction combine to create experiences specifically geared to the four year old learner. With a teacher and an assistant in each classroom, learning centers around experiences that enrich language and literacy skills, reinforce appropriate math and science concepts and provide social growth activities based on the Texas Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines. Classes are held at specific campuses, which are assigned when enrollment is complete.

Sharon Jackson, Director of Early Education Services
Phone: (979) 764-5423

Eligibility Requirements
  • Residence in College Station
  • Four years of age on or before September 1 or the school year for which he/she is enrolling
  • Qualify for free or reduced lunch (using current school lunch eligibility schedule)
A child whose family is over-income and does not meet income requirements may qualify by language. However, he/she must take the IDEA Oral Language Proficiency Test to determine eligibility prior to entry into the program. This applies ONLY to Pre-Kindergarten children and is provided through the school district.

Local policy provides a certified teacher and an assistant teacher for each classroom.
Other eligibility circumstances
  • Child of an active duty military parent or child of a military parent who was injured or killed in the line of duty
  • Child who is or has been at some time in foster care (conservatorship)
  • Child who is homeless
  • Child who does not speak or comprehend the English language as verified by the IDEA Oral Language
  • Proficiency Test (provided by the school district)


Enrollment Procedures

To apply for Head Start or Pre-Kindergarten services, you may:
  • Visit our office at 1812 Welsh
  • Contact Renate Blas at to request an application by mail
  • Call (979) 764-5423 for questions about the application process
The following documents are necessary for the application process. Copies may be made at the office:

  • Birth certificate or passport.
  • Immunization record showing current immunizations for age:
  • Social Security Card (If a citizen or resident of the United States)
  • Verification of current family income. Bring all items listed below that apply:
    • Two most current pay statements for each parent employed
    • Assistantships / Pell grants
    • Funds received from country of residence
    • Assistance paperwork showing receipt of food stamps, TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), SSI (Supplemental Security Income), HUD (Housing for Urban Development), Medicaid, WIC (Nutritional Assistance to Women, Infants and Children), or Child Support
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