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College Station ISD has made a commitment to remain transparent and engaged with our community. Leadership CSISD allows parents, community leaders and business partners the ability to get an “up-close and personal” look at how the district operates.


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An Inside Look

Leadership CSISD is an opportunity for community members to get an inside look at the goals, operations and culture of College Station ISD. During the program, Leadership CSISD participants will have several opportunities to interactively explore first-hand how it all works and offer insightful feedback that supports CSISD’s continuous improvement efforts.

Who Should Apply

Because we would like to be sure we are reaching our target audiences of community members, parents, and business owners, we ask that participants not be employees of the district or current Board of Trustee members. Additionally, we ask that our applicants be committed to attending all of the meetings if possible.

Making Connections

Meeting seven times during the 2017-2018 school year, participants will get to know some of the people who are responsible for programs and services, and see how the district creates a climate of success for our rapidly growing, diverse student population. Our 2018 Leadership CSISD class will also be able to build relationships with district leaders and others in our community during this experience. 

 Program Overview

Planning for Growth and Budget Overview: How does a district know when to build new schools? What kinds of information does College Station ISD use to help us plan for growth? And how does all of this affect our funding and budgets? This session is structured to help you see what it is like to dig through data and determine best options for our growing district.

Fine Arts and Extra-Curricular Activities: You may have read about student successes in CSISD in the local media. This month, take a step behind the scenes as we visit with students and teachers/coaches and learn how they prepare for the big game, performance, or show.

School Board and Education Foundation: The school board does a lot of work, training, and preparation for the meetings and decisions it makes. But do you know what all goes into being a school board member? Come find out in this month's Leadership CSISD, designed to give you an inside look into what it takes.

Career and Technology Education: Preparing students for college and/or the workforce after graduation is an important goal for CSISD. Learn about how our district is helping prepare our students for life after high school with 22 career pathway options for our students!

Accountability and Assesment: College Station ISD is proud and excited about providing an accountability that goes above and beyond state required assessments. Come see what the buzz is about with this session designed to highlight our Community-Based Accountability system and understand how STAAR now plays a role in our work.

Instructional Technology and Teaching Innovation: Classrooms today are changing and students have more choices than ever when it comes to course options. Discover what CSISD is doing to lead the way in innovation within our schools, our classrooms and in offering options for our students.

Facilities Design, Construction, and Safety: Find out how CSISD addresses the latest educational needs into our facilities design and get a first-hand look at how a school is built from the ground up with this on-site tour of the recently-completed Pecan Trail Intermediate School. There is more than meets the eye with planning for a new campus, and this session will allow participants the chance to learn about new campus planning, technology integration, safety, and much more!

 Meeting Dates, Times and Locations 

Attendance each month is not mandatory; however, to have a successful program we ask that participants attend all meetings if possible.

Locations and topics are subject to change. Participants will receive a meeting agenda and map by email one week prior to each meeting.

Meeting Date


Meeting Location


October 11, 2018


CSISD Boardroom

Planning for Growth & Budgets

November 15, 2018


AMCHS Lecture Hall

Fine Arts and Extracurricular Activities

December 13, 2018


CSISD Boardroom

Education Foundation & the School Board

January 17, 2019


College Station High School Large Group Instruction Room

Career and Technology Education

February 21, 2019


CSISD Boardroom

Assessment and Accountability

March 21, 2019


College View High School

Instructional Technology and Innovative Teaching

April 11, 2019


River Bend Elementary

Facilities Design, Construction and Safety


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