CSISD DOI Timeline

College Station ISD Timeline for District of Innovation

  • August 15
    • Board of Trustees Adopts Resolution
  • September 13
    • District Educational Improvement Council Overview of District of Innnovation
  • September 19
    • Public Hearing
    • Board of Trustees formally decides to pursue District of Innovation
    • Board of Trustees appoints District Educational Improvement Council as District of Innovation Committee
  • October 3
    • District Educational Improvement Council selects District of Innovation Texas Education Codes
    • Draft District of Innovation plan approved
  • October 5
    • Post draft plan on the website
    • Notify commissioner of intent to adopt Texas Education Code exemptions
  • October 17
    • Review District of Innovation progress with Board of Trustees
  • November 8
    • Public meeting to consider final version of District of Innovation plan
    • District Educational Improvement Council votes on District of Innovation plan to present to the Board of Trustees
  • November 14
    • Board of Trustees approves District of Innovation plan
    • Notify commissioner
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