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Credit By Exam

Credit By Exam for Acceleration

Credit by exams are elective tests taken to skip an elementary grade level or secondary course.  
The campus counselor can provide guidance on whether credit by exams are a good option for your student. 

Parent Credit By Exam Informational Meeting
was held Monday, January 22, 2024 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Copy of the presentation

K-2 Credit by Exams are still proctored in person.
Credit by exams for grades 3-12 are now online and are administered
with a remote proctoring system so students can safely test from home. 
Families who are registered will receive an email from UT High School or
Texas Tech University ISD with login information and instructions for testing.  

Credit by Exams for Elementary (Entire Grade Level)

Credit By Exams for Grades 5-12 (Single-Subject)

Registration and Testing Schedule

Study Guides

Retest Policy

Some exams require that students complete reading and/or project assignments prior to testing.  It is the responsibility of the student and parent to check the review materials to ensure any pretest requirements are met.

CSISD Credit By Exam Guidelines

Elementary (K-4) Guidelines
Secondary (5-12) Guidelines

Math Flow Charts for Intermediate, Middle, and High School Math Courses
Intermediate and Middle School Math Sequence Flowchart
High School Math Sequence Flow Chart

Criteria to Consider for Advanced Math Grade 6-Algebra I
Intermediate and Middle School Advanced Math Criteria

Interesting Thoughts on Mathematical Acceleration
Mathematics Learning: A Journey, Not a Sprint

For additional information contact: 
Cheri Hendrick, Director of Assessment and Accountability
Deanne Holmes, Administrative Assistant 
Phone:  (979)695-7269