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College Station Independent School District

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Field Experience


The primary objective of Field Experience is to provide opportunities for individuals to obtain experience in order to complete requirements for educator preparation programs in Texas.

Field Experience per-arranged by university professors/instructors:
All candidates who need access to any school or program in CSISD must submit the online Field Experience application each semester.

The Human Resources (HR) office will communicate with campuses all individuals who are qualified to observe or intern on CSISD campuses. It is the responsibility of the candidate to contact campus administration and request a field experience at a particular campus.

Field Experience Universities, Alternative Education Programs, and/or Community Colleges will need to communicate with the HR office regarding students and where each candidate has been assigned. The HR department can assist, but it is the responsibility of the applicant and the program to arrange final placement of candidates. Each campus has the right to accept or deny any applicant.

All Field Experience activities are scheduled with the campus and finalized and approved by the campus principal. The Human Resources (HR) office will communicate with campuses regarding desired placements and whether an applicant did not pass a background check. All candidates should assume they are approved.

Steps Field Experience Candidates Must Complete:

  • Before you are approved to visit a campus, you must complete the following steps.
    1. Complete the online Field Experience application (Click link below)
    2. Schedule the field experience activities with the campus principal or designee.


It is also the sole discretion of the campus principal regarding the number of field experience candidates accepted each semester.