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College Station Independent School District

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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

In College Station ISD we believe that our purpose is to develop and produce productive citizens. We achieve this through the creation of challenging, real-world learning experiences for students and the adults that lead them. Our drive to achieve success, build community, and cultivate growth at every level of our organization is what ultimately helps us create schools and learning environments that produce the citizens our community expects.  Leadership development is critical to our success and at the core of our leadership development is how we define leadership in CSISD.

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Partnership with the Holdsworth Center

In September of 2021, College Station ISD was accepted into the first Holdsworth Leadership Collaborative program. The Holdsworth Leadership Collaborative is an 18-month program designed to help district leaders build a strong bench of aspiring principals who are ready to step into school leadership positions when they arise. As a part of the work in the Leadership Collaborative, we began to think about the growth of our CSISD Leadership Pipeline. Our work centered around the question of, “How do we create a system that clearly shows how an employee can move through different levels of leadership to various administrative roles?”


As the image suggests, we are developing a pipeline that leads from the teacher role to the principalship. As an organization, we strive to support the growth of future leaders to help them to make successful leadership transitions as they transition from one leadership level to the next. 

At the center of the CSISD Leadership Pipeline is the CSISD Leadership Definition. To learn more about how the CSISD Leadership Definition was created, please click here.