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Special Education Teacher Leadership Academy

CSISD Special Education 

Teacher Leadership Academy

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The College Station Special Education Teacher Leadership Academy was established in 2022. The aim of our cohort was to develop and acknowledge the leaders that were making large impacts on our department  Over the course of the year, STLA members are invited to learn more of the inner workings of the Special Services department, plan professional development, and create processes and procedures that can be replicated across our campuses. Our teacher leaders have learned the legal impacts of decisions and understand the balance of State and Federal expectations with daily district and classroom actions. 

Our SPED Teacher Leadership Academy is intended to develop and highlight the leaders we have within our organization. The program includes department leaders, veteran teachers, specialized program teachers as well as new teachers combining their unique experiences and strengths. 

SPED Teacher Leadership Academy session topics included: Reviewing the Schedule of Services Determination, Developing Accommodation Toolkits, TEA Desk Review Audit procedures, Results Driven Accountability Reports, Program placement and Programming Decision framework, Grand Rounds to build relationships, mentor and support our New CSISD Sped Teachers, and Legal Implications within Due Process cases.  STLA Participants also work through the course of the program on a book study to understand in depth how to bring your values and vulnerability to the forefront of your classroom and team.  Each teacher in our program has a unique skill set that is essential to our district being successful.  Our goal is to help them understand how their values drive their leadership in order to change the trajectory of our department and how that makes an impact on our student success.