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Definition of a local government record

A "local government record" means any document, paper, letter, book, map, photograph, sound or video recording, microfilm, magnetic tape, electronic medium, or other information-recording medium, regardless of physical form or characteristic and regardless of whether public access to it is open or restricted under the laws of the state, created or received by the District or any of its officers or employees, pursuant to law or in the transaction of public business. The term does not include:

  1. Extra identical copies of documents created only for convenience of reference or research by District officers or employees.
  2. Notes, journals, diaries, and similar documents created by a District officer or employee for his or her own personal convenience.
  3. Blank forms, stocks or publications, and library and museum materials acquired solely for the purposes of reference or display.
  4. Copies of documents in any media furnished to the public under the Open Records Act or other state law.
  5. Any records, correspondence, notes, memoranda, or documents, other than a final written agreement described by Government Code 2009.054(c), associated with a matter conducted under an alternative dispute resolution procedure in which personnel of a district participated as a party, facilitated as an impartial third party, or facilitated as the administrator of a dispute resolution system or organization. 

Loc. Gov't. Code 201.003(8)

"Records retention schedule" means a document issued by TSLAC under the authority of Government Code Chapter 441, Subchapter J, establishing mandatory retention periods for local government records. Local Gov't Code 201.003(15)

"Retention period" means the minimum time that must pass after the creation, recording, or receipt of a record, or the fulfillment of certain actions associated with a record, before it is eligible for destruction. Local Gov't Code 201.003(16)

"Third-party custodians" means parties with which a district may contract for services who are temporarily responsible for the maintenance of local government records, other than an interlocal contract under Local Government Code 203.025(f). 13 TAC 7.71(16)