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Out-of-District Transfer Information

In College Station ISD, we believe that it is important to provide a smooth transition for students with disabilities who are enrolling from schools outside of our district. If your family is planning a move within the geographical boundaries of College Station ISD, we encourage you to review the information below so we may work collaboratively to ensure your student's needs and services are met.

  1. Determine the campus which school your student is zoned to attend within the CSISD Attendance Zones.
  2. During the months of August - May, contact the ARD facilitator, Educational Diagnostician, or Speech Therapist if your student receives only Speech Therapy services at your home zoned campus to discuss your plans for enrollment and special education needs. During the months of June-July, contact the Special Services office at (979) 764-5433.
    Please be prepared to discuss:
    1. Current eligibility information, including disability conditions
    2. Date of last ARD/IEP meeting
    3. Services currently received and IEP goals
  3. College Station ISD will request special education records from your previous school; however, providing a copy of the most recent ARD/IEP meeting and Full and Individual Evaluation (FIE) report often expedites the process of implementing services for your student.
  4. The Full and Individual Evaluation (FIE) and most recent ARD/IEP documentation will be reviewed to determine if all necessary areas are addressed and meet Texas eligibility guidelines. If additional evaluation(s) are needed, a meeting will be held and your written consent will be requested.
  5. After completing online enrollment, a meeting will be held to formally verify placement and determine comparable services to those described in the ARD/IEP from the previous district.
  6. If your student's IEP can not be implemented at your home campus due to specialized programming needs, the special education representative at that campus will coordinate with Special Services administration and the campus closest to your home where the services can be provided.
  7. Within 30 school days from the date your student's services are verified, an ARD/IEP committee meeting will be held to review any new evaluation(s), current progress, and propose a plan for specially designed instruction if your child continues to meet disability condition criteria and need special education services.

For more information on in-state and out-of-state procedures please see the Transfer Procedures in Texas flowchart. For more information including Notice of Procedural Safeguards and A Guide to the ARD Process, please see the CSISD Special Services Parent Information resources page (link).

If you are unsure where you will reside in College Station ISD or have general questions regarding services or programs, please contact the Special Services office at (979) 764-5433.