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AMCHS wins Texas French Symposium

AMCHS wins Texas French Symposium
Posted on 04/04/2019
Image of AMCHS French Symposium Team

French students from A&M Consolidated High School recently won first place at the annual Texas French Symposium.

In addition to the team championship, Consol student Selena Li was the highest-scoring individual out of more than 700 contestants.  Olivia Conway (5th), Brett Hyman (11th), Mia Maness (12th) and Clara Tremblay also placed in the top 15, individually.

Complete results from AMCHS and College Station High School are below.

Group Events

  • AMCHS Level 5/6 Bande Dessinée (1st place)-  Selena Li
  • AMCHS Level Experienced Bande Dessinée (1st place)- Logan Parker,  Aideen Gabbai
  • AMCHS Advanced Drama Group (2nd place) - Logan Parker, Eren Akleman, Mia Maness, Amanda Rasmussen, Selena Li, Nicolas Hilty
  • AMCHS Beginning Drama Group (2nd place) - Sam Lightfoot, Bill Wang, Clara Tremblay, Georgia Carrino, Angela Harry, Dorian Novosad
  • AMCHS Level 1 Bande Dessinée (Comic) (2nd place)- Angela Harry, Brynn Lund
  • AMCHS Level 2 Bande Dessinée (2nd place)- Robin Erickson, Tanya Nguyen
  • AMCHS Level 3 Bande Dessinée (2nd place)- Eren Akleman, Madyson Shroyer
  • AMCHS Baccalauréeat (Question Bowl) Team (3nd place) - Selena Li, Mia Maness, Clara Tremblay, Brett Hyman
  • CSHS Instrumental Group: 4th place - Danielle Payne, Shams Rawandoozi, Phyllis Yang, & Sniya Chirayath
  • AMCHS Vocal Group (5th place) - Mia Maness, Eren Akleman, Amanda Rasmussen, Madi Booth, Georgia Carrino, Tanya Nguyen, Harper Cunningham, Lauren Hightower

Individual Events

Level Experienced

  • Gabrielle Djomo, AMCHS- 4th place Digital Art and Media
  • Aideen Gabbai, AMCHS- 4th place Guided Speaking, 5th place Prose, 5th place Civilization Test
  • Nicolas Hilty, AMCHS- 2nd place Drama Solo, 4th place Prose
  • Logan Parker, AMCHS- 5th place Guided Speaking

Level 5/6

  • Selena Li, AMCHS- 1st place Grammar Test, 1st place Vocabulary Test, 1st place Mixed Media 2-D Artwork, 1st place Painting Acrylic & Oil, 2nd place Civilization Test, 2nd place Dictée, 4th place Piano Solo, 5th place Drama Solo, 6th place Sight Reading

Level 4

  • Olivia Conway, AMCHS- 1st place Vocabulary Test, 2nd place Civilization Test, 4th place Sight Reading, 5th place Dictée, 5th place Guided Speaking, 5th place Poetry, 5th place Prose

Level 3

  • Eren Akleman, AMCHS- 3rd place Poetry
  • Madi Booth, AMCHS- 1st place Drama Solo
  • Sniya Chirayath, CSHS- 4th place Sight Reading
  • Mia Maness, AMCHS- 1st place Guided Speaking, 3rd place Dictée, 5th place Vocabulary Test
  • Amanda Rasmussen, AMCHS- 3rd place Sight Reading, 5th place Prose
  • Madyson Shroyer, AMCHS- 6th place Grammar Test
  • Jillian Skaggs, CSHS- 3rd place Civilization test

Level 2

  • Georgia Carrino, AMCHS- 3rd place Drama Solo, 6th place Grammar Test
  • Robin Erickson, AMCHS- 3rd place Pencil/Charcoal, 5th place Civilization Test
  • Connie Kang, CSHS- 6th place Acrylic & Oil Paint
  • Jenna Kim, AMCHS- 3rd place Dictée, 6th place Grammar Test
  • Rachel Lee, CSHS- 6th place Sight Reading
  • Tanya Nguyen, AMCHS- 5th place Drama Solo
  • Giscar Obambo, CSHS- 3rd place Grammar Test, 1st place Dictee, 5th place Sight Reading
  • Madeleine Pembelton, AMCHS- 3rd place Pastel/Colored Pencil
  • Clara Tremblay, AMCHS- 3rd place Prose, 3rd place Grammar Test, 4th place Sight Reading
  • Bill Wang, AMCHS- 6th place Instrumental Solo

Level 1

  • Evie Conway, AMCHS- 4th place Poetry, 6th place Civilization Test
  • Mary  Creel, CSHS- 4th place Grammar test
  • Harper Cunningham, AMCHS- 3rd place Guided Speaking, 3rd place Grammar Test, 5th place Dictée
  • Hannah Haliburton, CSHS- 3rd place Vocabulary test
  • Angela Harry, AMCHS- 3rd place Sight Reading, 6th place Poetry
  • Brett Hyman, AMCHS- 2nd place Poetry, 3rd place Civilization Test, 4th place Sight Reading, 6th place Grammar Test, 6th place Guided Speaking, 6th place Vocabulary Test
  • Dorian Novosad, AMCHS- 2nd place Drama Solo


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