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CSISD students excel at district SkillsUSA

CSISD students excel at district SkillsUSA
Posted on 02/26/2019
CVHS SkillsUSA Students

A plethora of SkillsUSA contestants from A&M Consolidated High School, College Station High School, and for the first time, College View High School recently placed high enough at the district SkillsUSA contest to advance to state.


SkillUSA contests consist of technical information tests as well as hands-on production, troubleshooting and application.

In addition, AMCHS had three students elected to district office: David Asatryan, Benjamin Castro and  Christopher Kim.

CSHS SkillsUSA StudentsAMCHS SkillsUSA studentsCVHS SkillsUSA students

A complete list of CSISD results follows.  Those marked with asterisks will advance to state, which will be held in Corpus Christi April 4-7.

3D Animation Team

1st Place** - CSHS Team: Jack Franklin & Ben Moder

2nd Place** - AMCHS Team: Mitchell Kuppersmith & Freddy Yax

3rd Place - CVHS Team: LaTrai Israel & Maren Burdine

5th Place - CSHS Team: Meghan Johns & Jack Toler


Animation - Technical Render - Job Exhibit

Excellent - AMCHS Team: Hayden Kratz & Jon Sullivan

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

1st Place** - AMCHS Team: Tian-Da Huang & Alex Hilty

Advertising Design

1st Place** - Wynter Houpt, AMCHS

2nd Place** - Leah Liu, AMCHS

5th Place - Aimee Deng, AMCHS

Advertising & Design - Campaign Individual - Job Exhibit

Superior Rating** - Aaron Alcorn, AMCHS (Best of Show)

Advertising & Design - Campaign Team - Job Exhibit

Superior Rating** - AMCHS Team: Connor Fredericks, Kyle Gibson & Brytan Quartemont

Advertising & Design - Illustration - Job Exhibit

Superior Rating** - Anna Barrington, AMCHS

Superior Rating** - Aimee Deng, AMCHS

Superior Rating** - Wynter Houpt, AMCHS

Superior Rating** - Leah Lui, AMCHS (Best of Show)

Applied Engineering

4th Place - AMCHS Team: Alex Hilty, Tian-Da Huang, Harrison Kuhn & Katya Sokolova


Animation Still Image - Individual
Superior Rating** - Maren Burdine, CVHS

Superior Rating** - Terek Hage-Ali, CVHS

Superior Rating** - LaTrai Israel, CVHS

Superior Rating** - Micaela Merrell, CVHS

Superior Rating** - Dalanie Ward, CVHS (Best of Show)

Excellent Rating - Ana Galindo, CVHS


Animation Technology 3D Render (Team)

Superior Rating** - CSHS Team: Katy Meier & Tori Guerra (Best of Show)

Superior Rating** - CSHS Team: Jack Franklin & Ben Moder

Audio/Radio Production

4th Place** - AMCHS Team: David Bierman & Lexi Cantu


Building Trades

Superior Rating** - Mark Ling, CSHS (Best of Show)

Superior Rating** - DJ Daugherty, CSHS

Superior Rating** - Aaron Browning, CSHS



Superior Rating** - Wyatt Lewis, CSHS

Superior Rating** - Aiden McGuire, CSHS

Superior Rating** - Brinson Rackley, CSHS

Superior Rating** - Hogan Leftwich, CSHS

Excellent Rating - Alex Guerra, table, Excellent

Career Pathway Showcase in Information Technology

1st place** - AMCHS Team: Kate Primrose, David Nguyen, John Adams


Commercial Photography

Superior Rating** - Flame Dong, CSHS

Superior Rating** - Superior, CSHS

Excellent Rating - Peyton Mitchell, CSHS

Computer Maintenance Computer Case Modifications - Job Exhibits

Superior rating** - AMCHS Team: John Adams, Tian-Da Huang, Alex Hilty & Ben Castro

Superior Rating** - AMCHS Team: Umer Sajid, William Stephenson, Zachary Trenary & Aiden Hill

Superior Rating** - AMCHS Team: Harrison Kuhn, David Nguyen, Adrian Trejo & Taylor Burke

Excellent Rating - AMCHS Team: Nathaniel  Summer, Spencer Wells & Miles Versaw

Computer Maintenance Computer Case Modifications Innovative - Job Exhibits

Superior Rating** - AMCHS Team: Michael Barondeau, Grace Weaver, Kate Primrose & Grant Ireland

Superior Rating** - AMCHS Team: Muhammad Sajid, Emmanuel Preciado, James Rude & Nazeeh Riaz

Computer Programming

1st Place** - Shawn Gao, CSHS

3rd Place - Irfan Thomson, CSHS

4th Place - Steven Fink, AMCHS


Culinary Arts Quiz Bowl

3rd Place - CSHS Team: Kyle Palermo, Katy Stone, Mika Loehr, Brionna Lavalais, Isabelle Arrington

Desktop Publishing

1st Place** - Samuel Button, AMCHS

Digital Cinema Production

3rd Place - CSHS Team: Sophia Hernandez, Hannah Luedke

4th Place - AMCHS Team: Brian Schoenemann & Willie Allen

Graphic Communications

1st Place** - Connor Fredericks, AMCHS

2nd Place** - Brytan Quartemont, AMCHS

Information Technology Services

1st Place** - Muhammad Sajid, AMCHS

2nd Place** - Emmanuel Preciado, AMCHS

4th Place - Barry Creighton, AMCHS

5th Place - William Stephenson, AMCHS

Interactive Application and Game Design

1st place** - AMCHS Team: Mitchel Kuppersmith & Miles Versaw

2nd Place** - Matt Mueller, CSHS

3rd Place - CSHS Team Ben Moder & Jack Morey

4th Place - AMCHS Team: Elijah Lascurain & Kurt Whited

5th Place - AMCHS Team: Hannah Alvard & Iyan Cirillo

Internet of Things

1st place** - Samuel Chandler, AMCHS

2nd Place** - Nathaniel Summer, AMCHS

3rd Place** - Benjamin Castro, AMCHS

4th Place** - Amier El Nihum, AMCHS


3rd Place** - Spencer Wells, AMCHS

4th Place - Michael Barondeau, AMCHS

5th Place - Benjamin Wang, AMCHS

IT Quiz Bowl

1st Place** - AMCHS Team: Michael Barondeau, Ethan Martinez, Miles Versaw, David Nguyen, Emmanuel Preciado & Muhammad Sajid (alt)

Job Skills Demonstration

5th Place - DJ May, AMCHS

Material ID:

3rd Place** - Jackson Martin, CSHS


Medical Math

1st Place**– Jennifer Zhou, AMCHS



2nd Place** - Peyton Mitchell, CSHS


Related Technical Math

1st Place** - Joshua Martin, AMCHS

2nd Place - Roger Wang, AMCHS

4th Place - Andrew Li, AMCHS

Screen Printing Technology

1st Place** - Byron Wright, AMCHS

T-Shirt Design

3rd Place - Bayleigh Oualline, CSHS



1st Place** - CSHS Team: Wyatt Lewis, DJ Daugherty, Hogan Leftwich & Aiden McGuire

3rd Place - CSHS Team: Mark Ling, Brinson Rackley, Araon Browning & Cobe’ Baker


Technical Computer Applications

1st Place** - Ethan Martinez, AMCHS

2nd Place** - Jesse Lightsey, AMCHS

3rd Place** - Christopher Kim, AMCHS

Telecommunication and Cabling

1st Place** - Roger Wang, AMCHS

2nd Place** - Ethan Avila, AMCHS

3rd Place** - C.J. Anaya, AMCHS

Television Video Production

1st Place** - CSHS Team: Maddie Abdalla & Flame Dong

2nd Place** -  CSHS Team: Mason Cochran & Gracie Lawhon

3rd Place** - AMCHS Team: Adrian Trejo & Jimena Castillo

4th Place** - AMCHS Team: Charles Dvoracek & Sarah Hilal


TV Video Production (Individual)

Superior Rating** - Maddie Abdalla, CSHS

Superior Rating** - Mason Cochran, CSHS

Superior Rating** - Sophia Hernandez, CSHS

Superior Rating** - Gracie Lawhon, CSHS

Superior Rating** - Kylie Meyer, CSHS

TV Video Production (Team)

Superior Rating** - CSHS Team: Griffin Ford & Ramzi Portales

Superior Rating** - CSHS Team: Jack Holmes & Simon Kinman

Superior Rating** - CSHS Team: Hannah Luedke & Flame Dong

Excellent Rating - CSHS Team: Peyton Mitchell & Reagan Murphy


TV Production - Job Exhibits

Superior Rating** - AMCHS Team: Willie Allen & Brian Schoenemann

Superior Rating** - Jimena Castillo, AMCHS

Good Rating - AMCHS Team: Adrian Trejo & Gabriella Romano

Web Page Design Team

3rd Place** - AMCHS Team: Zach Trenary & Andrew Li

4th Place - AMCHS Team: Umer Sajid & Joseph Weaver

Web Page Design Individual

1st place** - Aiden Hill, AMCHS

3rd Place - Antonio Cardenas, AMCHS

4th Place - Huy Luu, AMCHS

Coaches for these students include Jim Dawson (CSHS), Shannon Espitia (AMCHS), Taylor Gade (AMCHS), Stephen Green (CSHS), Michael Howard (AMCHS), Mark Langwell (CSHS), Kim Munoz (CSHS), Beth Oualline (CSHS), Jason Oualline (CSHS), Kayla Poe (CSHS), Patrick Powell (AMCHS), Kimberly Rife (CVHS) and Sharlene Stipp (CVHS).



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